Top-Rated Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

Top-Rated Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

Acoustic guitars have their own sound — one that takes you back to childhood or to the best memories you have when you are a little younger. And if you’re on the hunt for your ever acoustic guitar or a replacement to your old one, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve listed down below a few of the best acoustic guitars that are under a thousand dollars. Maybe you’re asking if a thousand dollars is enough to get a high-quality guitar. Our answer: Definitely! And the ones below are worth checking out.

Top-Rated Premium Acoustic Guitar

Top-Rated Premium Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

If you want to play on a guitar that feels like a few thousand bucks without the high price, the Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar is what you’re looking for. The Artist series is considered the cream of the Seagull product line, and this is one of the models you would really love to spend your money for. Its body features a solid high quality pressure tested cedar top along with mahogany neck, back and sides. The fretboard and the bridge are made of Indian rosewood.

When it comes to sound quality, even a professional would come to love what this guitar can deliver. The reproduction is that of sweet melody that you’d love to listen to for long. To describe it fully is beyond the power of words. To keep it short, let’s just say the sound and tone have high-quality written all over them.

Top-Rated Nylon Classic Guitar

Top-Rated Nylon Classic Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

The La Patrie Collection Acoustic Guitar features Luther-grade solid cedar top in combination with rosewood back and sides. The body comes with a high gloss custom polished finish and standard rosewood bridge. Its rosewood fretboard is placed on a mahogany neck. There is an option to purchase the model with EPM Quantum 1 electronics. However, we recommend not going with the electronics if you want to stay as classic as you can.

The tone and the volume of the Collection are noticeably better than what most classic guitars in the same price range can offer. The sound is loud, full, and rich, and the tone is warm and clear. Indeed, this is the perfect guitar for beginners and professional musicians who are on a budget and can’t afford to drop two thousand on a new classic guitar.

Top-Rated Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar

Top-Rated Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar Under $1000

One of the most succesful dreadnought guitars on the market is the Blueridge BR-160. Its  dreadnought body comes with select, solid sitka spruce top with hand-carved braces. The back, the sides, the bridge and the fretboard are all made of Indian rosewood and the guitar comes with an awesome-looking, white body binding. It also features a bone nut and saddle and a headstock that screams out class and style. The headstock has the handsome classic design combined with the great Blueridge logo, and some additional ornaments that revolve around the nickel plate tuning pegs.

When it comes to sound, it doesn’t come last in its price range. It offers clear and bright sound, remarkable bass and warm tone. It is really a viable option if you’re hunting for a guitar with great quality output and you are on a strict budget.

Top-Rated Vintage Acoustic Guitar

Top-Rated Vintage Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

Are you a vintage lover and you want to show that on your own guitar? You’d definitely appreciate the Washburn Vintage Series R320SWRK Acoustic Guitar. It features a carefully selected vintage finish giving the instrument an aged feel, as if it’s been played for a hundred years without being damaged, in order to resemble the brand’s original releases. The body is made of a solid spruce top, with an abalone rosette wrapping around the sound hole. The back and sides are made of solid rosewood.

In connection to sound quality, it puts out stunning tones with cool and funky elements, while maintaining excellent projection due to its top shelf tone wood mixture. It can get loud to a decent amount, but definitely not over the top. Its action and intonation are sublime. Really, there’s nothing to complain about this guitar at all!