Best Accordions for Beginners

Best Accordions for Beginners

Before you go splurge on your first accordion, there are many things you have to have a knowledge about and consider so you can make a smart purchase decision. You need to first decide what type of music you really want to play this instrument with. Size and weight of the instrument must also be part of your consideration. To help you with the challenging part of choosing, we pick up the accordions we think are best based on teachers recommendation and customer feedback.

Best Piano Accordion for the Money

Best Piano Accordion for Beginners for the Money

A piano accordion is a type of this instrument where there’s an attach keyboard on its right. The keyboard’s mechanism is more of an organ than a piano, though. But because it was coined ‘piano accordion’ in the early 1900s, the name stuck.

One of the best piano accordion for beginners is the Rossetti Beginner Piano Accordion 12 Bass 25 Keys. The vintage and retro look doesn’t only what makes this instrument really encouraging for beginners, but the tone and playability are decent as well. The keyboard has 15 white keys and 10 black keys, in which the first key starts on the key of G. There are single straps hooks on each side of the accordion with plenty of room for the two extra long leather padded shoulder straps. The accordion also includes an adjustable left hand strap. It also boasts a slide lever air valve that makes for faster air intake.

Top-Rated Accordion for Kids

Top-Rated Accordion for Kids for Beginners

If you see your 4-year-old child inclining to music, encourage him as this may be the path made for him. If the accordion sparks some interests in him, one of the highly recommended accordion for kids as young as 4 years old is the Schylling Kids Accordion. The first thing you’d notice is how beautifully it has been crafted, with all the conveniences designed specifically for young learners of this instrument. The sound it produces is almost like the real deal, which can be a very huge encouragement for beginners to go on and play more. The best part: the package includes an easy-to-follow instruction booklet.

Top-Rated Accordion for Beginners

Top-Rated Accordion for Beginners

If you are a hundred percent sure accordion is one of the few instruments you’d want to play for many years, then it wouldn’t hurt to go for the higher-end instruments. This is because, more often than not, they have the higher quality in terms of durability and tone. Our most recommended instrument is the Hohner Accordion 1303. Now, Hohner is a big name in the music instrument industry, and they have proven time and again the quality of their products. The Hohner Accordion 1303 is a real value for money. It has a sturdy construction and an excellent tonal characteristic that you rarely find from a beginner instrument.

Best Trombones for Beginners

Best Trombones for Beginners

If you’re a beginner in playing the trompbone you may be a little confuse of where to begin. Of course, logically, you have to have an instrument to even begin learning. This is where the hard part comes: choosing which one to buy. The general rule of thumb is to go for one of the affordable range of models. This is the most practical way as you are still getting acquainted with the music. You would definitely want a trombone that is easy to play with. It must also be durable enough to last you for years or for at least you have gotten a good grasp of the instrument. Why you’d want it affordable is the possibility that you may change your mind about playing in the middle of your learning. It would just be a waste of money if you’d bought an expensive model that you won’t be using anymore.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are some of the highly recommended trombones for beginners.

Best Trombone for Beginners

Best Trombone for Beginners

The Le’Var TBOLV100 Student Trombone is tuned in Bb scale to suit the beginning student and help him get familiarized with the instrument. The body, bell, and leadpipe materials are made of brass that allows the whole instrument to produce rich, crisp and loud sound, which can be encouraging to a student to continue learning. It also comes with a sturdy hard case that keeps the instrument free from dents and other damaging factors. Included in the box are a polishing cloth, a silver-plated mouthpiece, a cleaning rod, and a slide cream.

Best Plastic Trombone for Students

Best Plastic Trombone for Students Beginners

The mistake most beginners commit when buying trombones is trying to get away from a plastic model. There’s a misconception that plastic trombones are mere “toys” that cannot be taken seriously. Yes, this is a misconception. Plastic trombones, in fact, can deliver the decent sound quality that all beginners need to be encouraged and get acquainted with the sound a trombone makes.

One of the top-rated plastic trombones is the pBone PBONE2R Jiggs Mini Plastic Trombone. This is a durable piece of instrument that can take all the pounding a beginner trombone player has to do if he wants to advance from his practice. It is also great for kids as it weighs half that of a brass alto trombone. It comes with a gig bag for portability and protection.

Best Bundle Trombone for Beginners

Best Bundle Trombone for Beginners

If you want a complete set, look no further. The Etude ETB 100 Beginner Student Trombone is the perfect fit. It’s a little more expensive than the trombones mentioned above, but the added dollars will be worth it. It has a hard case, a music sheet stand, and other essential pieces that you would definitely need as you practice. What we love the most, though, is the book that comes with the bundle. If you haven’t decided yet whether to attend a music school or not, you can definitely start off with this book.

Best Trombones for the Money

Best Trombones for the Money

Trombone is the instrument that lies between a trumpet and a tuba. As a matter of fact, “trombone” is an Italian word that means “large trumpet”. It is basically a metal tube bent into an S shape. It can cover up almost all music genres, from classical to reggae. With the array of models out there, though, it can be daunting to choose which one to pay for.

As with buying any kind of instrument, beginners tend to start with the small or student model. But with the trombone, there’s not much difference between the beginner models and the intermediate ones.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first trombone or an advanced player ready to upgrade his, you’ll find the right one on this list.

Best Intermediate Tenor Trombone

Best Intermediate Tenor Trombone for the Money

If you’re ready to step up your musical game, then it is time to upgrade your trombone. This would mean you’d have to start using an F trigger with a Bb slide. One of the most trusted model is the Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate B Flat Tenor Trombone. Besides being lightweight and having the great sound quality, it is also affordable.

It has a bore that measures 8.5 inches, allowing the instrument to produce great projection you’d usually here in an orchestra. Moreover, the bore provides enough resonance for a fuller, brighter and warmer tone. Its slide is nickel-plated, which is a good material to make any instrument durable and safe from dent. The whole package comes with Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, pro-deluxe durable hard case, a pair of white gloves, and a cleaning cloth.

Top-Rated Standard Trombone

Top-Rated Standard Trombone for the Money

For beginner student, especially the young players, a trombone with a smaller bore horn is the best choice because it takes less air to produce a decent tone. One of the best few is the Yamaha YSL-354 Series Student Trombone, which has a bore that measures 0.500″ and an 8-inch bell diameter. Its inner slide is made from chrome-plated yellow brass, making it durable and giving the intrument a quick and sensitive response. Its outer slide is impressive as well, as it maintains the accurate diameter throughout its length. This construction esures airtightness and esceptional durability. Moreover, this adds resonance to the overall sound.

The Yamaha YSL-354 boasts a specially designed one-piece inner slide stockings that guarantees airtight slide construction. This is also why students and teachers alike find the instrument having a smoother slide action and better alignment than other student trombones. It is also very lightweight, and the playability benefits all beginning students.

Best Contrabass Trombone

Best Contrabass Trombone for the Money

Contrabass trombone is typically a large trombone in F, usually having two triggers, and to an instrument in BBb having a double slide (four tubes on the slide, rather than the standard two). It has a very deep voice that will blend beautifully in an orchestra.

One of the highly rated contrabass trombones is the Miraphone MI57F because of its excellent sound in the lower register. It is in the key of F, which most trombone are. It is quite long and a little awkward to hold for the inexperienced player. It is also constructed with two valves: one is in the key of C, and other one is in the key of C-sharp. Together, they give that nice sound at major arpeggio in the first position.

Best Flutes in the Market

When shopping for a flute, the first mistake anyone can make is to consider only the price. Affordability isn’t always the best route to go, because most high quality flutes would require you to shell out money. There are a number of reasons you should use higher-quality instruments: better intonation, more ease of play, better projection, and more clarity in all ranges. If you happen to get a low-grade flute, you may give up learning the instrument because of unacceptable delivery of sound from it instead of your own playing.

To narrow down your choices, we listed here few of the best according to what one would need.

Best Concert Flute for Students

Best Concert Flute for Students in the Market

The concert flute (also known as soprano)  Pearl 795 Elegante Coda Flute is one of the many flutes categorized as the main instruments in the flute family. A concert flute is the primary instrument not only for advanced flutists but also for beginning students. In fact, learning to play a concert flute is a very critical phase for a student before he/she can specialize in other kinds of flutes, such as the alto and the bass.

The Pearl model here is one of the most recommended ones for beginning and advanced students alike. It is handcrafted in sterling silver and has a Forza headjoint with gold lip plate. The construction, especially that of the headjoint, allows the instrument to deliver pure and sweet tone that is highly expected from a quality concert flute. The workmanship is very impressive that it is nothing short when it comes t sound performance.

Best Professional C Flute

Best Professional C Flute in the Market

Another great concert flute or C flute is the Gemeinhardt Model 23SSB Professional Flute. this particular model is made from solid silver, both for its headjoint and body. As music experts would tell you, silver flutes offer a lot of advantages; one of which is its better responsiveness in tonal coloring. Another is the ability of silver flutes to tolerate great variety of embouchures, thus making them capable of a wide range of tonal characteristics, techniques, and shading. All of these are what exactly the Gemeinhardt Model can provide to advanced and professional flutists. We don’t recommend this to complete beginners, though.

Best Silver Alto Flute

Best Silver Alto Flute in the Market

Another type of flute is the alto, which is featured in many orchestral performances (though not as frequent as the C flute). Its low timbre adds that mellow and sweet sound in an orchestra. It sounds a 4th lower than the standard C flute and plays in the key of G, but they are the same when it comes to fingering.

One of the few recommended alto flutes is the Allora AAAF-302 Alto Flute. It has a beautiful tonal response, enabling it to deliver that warm and inviting sound professionals expect frm an alto flute that’s made of sterling/solid silver. It comes with straight and curved headjoints, giving you the flexibility you need when playing. The curved headjoint is particularly helpful for players to have better reach on the keys, and is usually intended for beginners.

Best Professional Piccolo Flute

Best Professional Piccolo Flute in the Market

Piccolo is the smallest type of flute, sounding an entire octave above the standard C flute. Since piccolos are much more difficult to play than the C flute, beginners are encouraged to try their hands first on the latter. Though, there are piccolos now that are designed for beginning students.

If you are an advanced student or ready to step up into the professional level, one of the best to buy is the Yamaha YPC-82 Professional Piccolo. It looks so gorgeous, and the craftmanship is obviously high-quality! It’s not doubtful at all that this instrument has been handcrafted by accomplished artisans. It has a body top-grade grenadilla wood, which gives it that stable and full sound. It also features a sterling silver headjoint. Ask any piccolo experts, and they would tell you it’s worth the price especially when you’re moving up into the musical ladder.

Best Flutes for the Money

Best Flutes for the Money

The first step to getting a flute is to determine what level you are in playing. Flutes are made for different levels. Some are designed to cater to student beginners, while others are for advanced students and professionals. Once you know where you belong (which isn’t hard to do, really), the next step is to decide whether you want a metal or a wooden flute. It is highly recommended, though, that you go for the metal. But make sure you choose one that’s within your budget, because some metals can cost a lot, such as rose gold and platinum. Anyway, here are some of the best ones in the market today.

Top-Rated Closed Hole C Flute

Top-Rated Closed Hole C Flute for the Money

Our best pick for a closed hole flute at the key of C is the Glory Closed Hole C Flute, because it has been trusted by so many beginners already. But that’s just one thing. This instrument actually prduces wonderful tone, thanks to its real cupronickel (or copper-nickel) construction. This is an alloy of copper that contains nickel and strengthening elements, such as manganese and iron. This makes the instrument highly resistant to corrosion. This is the main reason of the Glory flute’s high durability. Customers are raving about how beautiful it sounds, and it is worth more than the price. This is available in in 20 different colors!

Top-Rated Nickel-Plated Flute

Top-Rated Nickel-Plated Flute for the Money

For beginners, one of the most recommneded flutes is the Hallelu HFL-200 Flute. It is designed to surpass the test of time while offering good tone and decent performance that will make beginners familiar with how to play flutes. Since the keys are nickel-plated, you can expect them to be sturdy enough to hold up to your demanding practice. All this for a very affordable price. But low price doesn’t always mean compromising the quality. In fact, the musical capabilities of this instrument is more than one can expect from looking at the price tag alone. It boasts double-skin pads that give it the ability to produce nice, clear sound.

Since this is constructed with students in mind, a thorough instruction on how to take care of it is included in the package. You may need to upgrade the headjoint, though. Using a different headjoint on this flute should give you better tonal results. And as you advances, you wouldn’t need to buy another flute; you only need to buy an upgraded headjoint so you can have more subtle control over the dynamics of the instrument.

Best Flute for Students

Best Flute for the Money for Students

Another flute great for beginning students and even for advanced ones is the Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute. Yamaha has been known for building quality musical instruments, and this same quality can be expected from the YFL-221. It is made from durable nickle-silver, so it can withstand the rigors of any starting player who needs a lot of practice. This is one favorite of most flute teachers because of its playability, thanks to its CY headjoint with specially designed embouchure hole. This headjoint tends to be more restrictive — which means there’s a little control as to its dynamics and expressions — without taking away the ease of playing. The restrictiveness of the instrument isn’t much of a concern to beginning students; they are more focused on being able to make the flute sound.

If you’re ready to step to the next level of playing a flute, you won’t need to throw the entire flute into the garbage. Since 70-90% of a flute’s sound quality comes from its headjoint, you would only need to upgrade this particular part to get into the next level.

Best Silver-Plated Flute

Best Silver-Plated Flute for the Money

If you’re an advanced player, a silver-plated flute is the best choice. This is because it has more brilliance in its sound compared to one constructed from nickel. Silver tends to be richer in tone and has better response. And you can expect all these from the Jupiter Plateau Offset G Silver-Plated Flute 511S. Surprisingly, this model is very lightweight, making it easy to hold and does not strain the hands for a long period of playing. There is also no denying that it does look and feel expensive! And the official logo of Jupiter on the instrument is a nice touch.

Best Professional Wooden Flute

Best Professional Wooden Flute for the Money

Again, wood is a preferred material when it comes to most musical instruments, and flutes are not an exception. A wooden flute gives richer, more solid and powerful tone compared to those made of metal. However, it requires tighter and more work on the lips for the blowing style. This is why wooden flutes aren’t usually recommended for students; they can be easily tired out with this type of flute.

Our best pick of wooden flute is the Carrotmusic Model CD301 Alto C Professional Level Dizi Bamboo Flute. The main body of the instrument is made of bamboo with thread wraps around it between holes. There’s also an engraved calligraphy near the head of the flute, a nice additional touch for how gorgeous it already is! The flute has a range of about two octaves. This instrument is tuned to the diatonic western scale with a good full sound in the lower register and a bright upper register.

Best French Horns for Intermediate Players

Best French Horns for Intermediate Players

The French horn is one of the oldest instruments ever recorded. The first versions were from actual horns of different animals such as rams and cattles. The name French horn is actually an inaccurate name as its modern version is not made in France but in Germany. No matter what you call it though, there’s no denying that the French horn is an integral part of any orchestra, concert band, and chamber music.

The complexity and amount of time devoted in the building of the whole instrument makes it one of the costliest in the market, so getting a new one would take a lot of consideration, especially the money you are willing to shell out for one. Moreover, most of the time, the needs of a beginner is quite different from that of the intermediate player and the professional. If you’re ready to move on from a beginner’s step, then a double horn is the best bet. Compared to the single F horn that is built for beginners, a double horn offers more improved construction and better quality materials, thus giving better tonal characteristic.

Here are some of the best double horns in the market for intermediate players who want to continue playing this instrument and advance in their skills.

 Best French Double Horn for the Money

 Best French Double Horn for the Money for Intermediate Players

One of the few most trusted French double horns is the Conn 6D Artist Series Double Horn. The most obvious reason experienced players would recommend this model is because of its tone — brighter and brassier than the beeginner model and even other intermediate models out there. It doesn’t even require thorough maintenance; all it needs is the usual oiling of the valves and washing and lubricating of the tubes.

Its durability comes as no surprise at all (some players have had their Conn 6D horns for almost four decades!). This model has been produced for nearly 75 years, which means all the bugs and things players didn’t like had been worked out in its latest design. For this quality, the price is already a great deal.

Best French Double Horn for Intermediate Players

Best French Double Horn for Intermediate Players

The Yamaha YHR-567 Geyer Series Double French Horn is yet another recommended instrument for the students who are playing at an intermediate level. It features .472-inch bore with a Geyer wrap and tapered gold brass leadpipe design. Compared to its predecessors, this model has a better response and intonation. It also delivers a very mellow and rich tone. Additionally, it has an adjustable thumb lever for easier playability.

Best French Double Horn Under $1000

Best French Double Horn Under $1000 for Intermediate Players

Most students would often ask if they can buy new double horns for less than a thousand dollars. It does seem impossible if you’re looking for high-quality model, but the Schiller American Heritage IV Double French Horn proves otherwise. First off, the nickle plating and the shape make this horn look really good. At its price range, it’s construction is surprisingly impressive. It doesn’t feel weak or flimsy, and it has just the right weight. Although you’d find a few flaws, the good qualities you expect from a double horn are intact in this instrument.

Best Drum Sets for Beginners

Best Drum Sets for Beginners

So, drumming appeals to you so much that you’ve finally decided to get your own drum set. The first thing you should know is that all drums are not created equal. There are sets specific to beginners, and that’s what you want to find in the market. It’s because these sets will introuce you to the standard tone you would get from playing drums. You would know what you need once you are ready to move on from the beginner pace.

To narrow down your search, we listed down a few of the best drum sets for beginners.

Best Full Size Drum Set for Beginners

Best Full Size Drum Set for Beginners

The Huntington DRM500 Drum Set is a 5-piece set with just the complete, perfect tools to get you started. In fact, this set is one of the most sought after sets in the market today. It is built with the standard features that would allow you to seamlessly integrate any kind of drum acccessories as you progress with your learning to drum. The full 5-piece set includes the following; bass drum, floor tom, snare and snare stand, two tom toms, two cymbals and a boom stand, hi-hat and hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal, a pair of sticks, a drum throne, and a drum key.

Best Drum Set for Junior Beginners

Best Drum Set for Junior Beginners

It’s not you but your child who wants to learn to play the drums. Fortunately, there are junior-sized drum sets out there that fit children’s frames perfectly. One of the most bought is the Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set that is made with real wood drum shells. The good thing, too, is that you no longer need to buy anything because this set comes complete with all drums, stands, cymbals, sticks, stool, pedals, and hardware. It’s also worth noting that its metallic blue color speaks attractiveness to a different level! Any child would be interested to take the beat.

Top-Rated Beginner Electronic Drum Set

Top-Rated Beginner Electronic Drum Set for Beginners

The Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set is a great choice for those who want to begin their lessons with electronic drum st. It can also be played by experienced drummers who want to try out how electronic drum sets work. It features a complete new sound module compared to its predecessor model. It comes with 108 quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. Its pads feel great and its hardware and rack system are high quality.

Additionally, you can edit and save drum kits for custom sounds. There are 10 presets and 5 custom slots. In addition to the sounds in the DM6 module, there’s a USB output that sends the notes you play out as MIDI signal. This then allows you to use the DM6 as a trigger-to-MIDI interface with drum-module software such as BFD, Toontrack, or Reason for a limitless collection of sounds.

The Alesis DM6 has headphone and amplifier outputs, so you can play quietly in phones or connect up and rock out. You can also connect your iPod or CD player and mix it in with the DM6’s stereo input jack. The DM6 Kit mounts on a heavy-duty aluminum rack as well, ensuring buyers the durability of the set.

Best High-End Drum Sets

Best High-End Drum Sets

There’s nothing more fulfilling for a drummer than to own one of the best high-end drum sets in the world. They are not just something to boast about with friends or whoever, but they also increase a player’s confidence when performing onstage. Unfortunately, not all drum sets with high price tags can be considered high-quality. There are those who can fool buyers who are not careful enough to have know.

To help you decide, we narrow down the best few in the list below.

Top-Rate High-End Electronic Drum Set

Top-Rate High-End Electronic Drum Set

The ROLAND TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set is Roland’s newly released kit that has been making a lot of postivie waves among drummers all over the world, and it’s not surprising at all because of the topnotched tone quality it delviers. There are two variations in this series. One is the TD-25K that has a kick pad, snare pad, hi-hats, three tom pads, ride, and crash. The other one, which we’re featuring here, is the TD25KV that has a second crash cymbal and larget and better tom pads.

With this electronic drum set model, anyone can definitely say that Roland has been very careful in selecting selected sounds and features that go with it. More so, they don’t stop there. The’ve promised their drummers that they will issue regular software updates to ensure that the set is performing at its optimum ability.

Best 5-Piece High-End Drum Set

Best 5-Piece High-End Drum Set

Tama Imperialstar is yet another big name in the drum industry, and one of their best high-end drum sets is the Tama Imperialstar IP58C 5-Piece Drum Set. This set delivers outstanding tonal quality that can only be expected from a set of this price. The modern sizes give these drums a wider tuning range and tonal color that is incredibly flexible to the music genre you want to play.

The ply construction is of quality as well. Made of 100% Poplar drum shells, the whole kit delivers full, warm tone with just the right amount of boldness. These drums also have precision cut bearing edges, allowing them to resonate fully while providing a wide tuning range and incredible response. Ask any advanced drummer if this is a good kit, they’d tell you it is far better than expected.

Top-Rated High-End Drum Set for the Money

Top-Rated High-End Drum Set for the Money

Drum Workshop, Inc. provides drummers with yet another sonic option, while at the same time utilizing renewable resources with its Eco-X Drum Shell Pack with 22-Inch Bass Drum, Natural Bamboo. They are big, full sounding drums with a huge fundamental, and they have the full, warm, and resonant quality a drummer could ever ask for. And it doesn’t really hurt that when you’re done with this set, you can throw it out without damaging the planet as it is of enviromental-friendly construction.

Best Harmonicas for the Money

Best Harmonicas for the Money

When you’re looking for your own harmonica, it is but only logical that you’d want one that is worth our money. With all the many models now available in the market, it is no longer easy to tell which one really fits your budget. Cheap doesn’t always mean low quality. There are also those expensive ones that are not as good as you’d expect them to be.

In this article, we try to narrow down your choices. These harmonicas have different prices, but their quality is not far different from each other.

Best Harmonica for the Complete Beginner

Best Harmonica for the Money for the Complete Beginner

The diaotnic harmonica in the key of “C” is the most recommended type for the complete beginner. This is because most of the theory and explanations in playing harmonicas are based on this key. Most teachers would recommend the Hohner Harmonica M2013BX-C. It has a rounded plastic comb and cover plate design that are gentle on the lips. The curve sides and rouded edges also make it very comfortable to hold and play even for a long period of time. Moreover, because this model has wide-open cover plates and side vents, it is one of the loudest and most dynamic diatonic harmonica in the market. This is quite advantageous for beginners as it will make them familiar with the real sound.

Beside the sound quality is the fact that the Hohner M2013BX-C looks gorgeous! It comes with a zipper case, nicer in appearance than that of the usual boxes on other harmonicas. It also comes with an elastic band, so you can put the instrument around your waist like a belt.

Top-Rated Wooden Harmonica

Top-Rated Wooden Harmonica for the Money

Remember when we said cheap doesn’t always mean low quality? The Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, Key of G is one of many instances. It offfers that pure, rich, and full tone one will expect from a comb made of wood. In fact, it is one of the most recognizable harmonicas because of this tonal quality. Moreover, this model from Hohner has been made famous by popular musicians, such as John Lennon, Little Walter, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul Butterfield. We can’t stress enough how worth the money this harmonica is! Ask any professional about it, and they’d know.

The Hohner Marine Band is available in 12 major keys and in the lower and higher octave. its body, including the comb, is made of pear wood. It has 20 reeds with 0.99mm brass reed plates.

Best Professional Harmonica Under $50

Best Professional Harmonica for the Money Under $50

Rosewood has been sought after construction when it comes to musical instruments, such as guitars, violins, and harmonicas. This is because the wood allows the instruments to deliver warmer tone and great tonal qualities. In harmonicas, rosewood gives the instrument the richness in overall tone. And that is exactly what the Suzuki Pure Harp Harmonica offers its potential users.

This model features the unique Suzuki reed plates that allow playability, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced players. It is also available in major keys.

Best Piccolos for the Money

Best Piccolos for the Money

It is not hard to fall in love with the bright, lilting sound of the piccolo, and there is no doubt that those who like this kind of music would one day want their own instrument and star their musical journey. The first question, though, is which one is the best. This actually depends what level your musical skills at the moment is.

Whatever level you are in right now, it will be helpful to check out our list below of  the best piccolos in the market.

Top-Rated Piccolo for Beginners

Top-Rated Piccolo for the Money for Beginners

If you are a student still new to playing piccolo, you don’t need to spend a lot of cash to get your first instrument. There are piccolos out there that are designed specifically for beginners, and of the most recommended models is the Ravel RPC202 Student Piccolo. It is an extremely responsive model, which is ideal for students are still learning the tricks of the trade. The tone is decent enough for a learner to get familiar with how a piccolo truly sounds. Moreover, although this piccolo is made of plastic, the construction doesn’t feel brittle at all.

The ergonomics on this instrument is well put. The holes are neatly cut and finished. The cork work is greatly done, too. The downside of the Ravel RPC202, though, is that the pads are extremely hard felt. They also tend to be noisy, because they aren’t the standard piccolo pads. Despite this issue with the pads, this model is still a great pick for the price.

Top-Rated Piccolo for Advanced Players

Top-Rated Piccolo for the Money for Advanced Players

If you’re a piccolo player who is ready to move up from the beginner level, the Pearl PFP105E Piccolo is a great upgrade of choice. Its grenaditte composite body  is constructed in such a way to resemble the sound of real Grenadilla Blackwood without the disadvantages. Wood is generally sensitive to temperature change. However, with the grenaditte, this downside has been eliminated from the Pearl PFP105E. You can have the benefits of the quality sound of wooden piccolo without worrying about cracks and damage.

This model also features a high wave bulb head joint that produces more precise tone and better overall sound quality. The full range is very satisfying for advanced players. The lows are smooth, and the highs are clear without the shrill. The package a French case and cover as well.

Best Wooden Piccolo for the Money

Best Wooden Piccolo for the Money

Are you really inclined at getting a wooden piccolo? If so, you’re not the first. Most professionals would recommend piccolos that are made of wood because of the high-quality sound they produce. One of the best is the Gemeinhardt Model 4W Piccolo. This particular model captures the true woody sound of a piccolo: bright, full, warm, and traditional. It is an alternative choice if the Pearl PFP105E doesn’t fit your criteria or if you badly want real wood. It is also meant for doublers (those who play flute and piccolo) who want to move up to conservatory level and for those who are already in the semi-professional settings.

Because this is an orchestral piccolo that is made of wood, it tends to blend with other instruments in the orchestra, which is something you would really want if you’re into orchestra. Other things worth noting about the Gemeinhardt 4W is its ease of air control and playability.

Top-Rated Piccolo for Professional Level

Top-Rated Piccolo for the Money for Professional Level

Emerson is known for setting high standards in the piccolo industry, and one of its pride is the Emerson Boston Legacy Piccolo. Like other Emerson piccolo models, this has been handcrafted and designed by artists and crafters alike to achieve the optimum sound a professional player would expect from his piccolo.

The best about this model is its 10k gold springs (rather than the stainless steel common to almost all piccolos) that enable that fine touch that only skilled hands can do. The gold alloy gives the player that softer spring but faster artistic tonal response. Emerson also incorporated some upgrades into the Boston Begacy, which allow tonal color variety, projection, and clear-cut resonance. Overall, this is the best among the rest… that is if you’ve already mastered the ears of true piccolo player.