Best Rated Trombones on the Market

Best Rated Trombones on the Market

A trombone is a brass instrument that fill the range between a trumpet and a tuba. It has three common types, namely: straight tenor, trigger-type tenor (also referred to as F-rotor or F-attachment), and bass trombones. Additionally, there are different finishes you can see on different brands and models, and the most common is the lacquer. Plated finishes are regarded as higher-quality finishes because they have less dampening effect on vibration. Most consider silver-plated horns to be flashier, but they require more maintenance because they are prone to tarnish. And though a snazzier-looking horn may not sound significantly better than another, good looks can encourage a player to devote time and practice on playing the instrument.

As with buying any kind of instrument, beginners tend to start with the small or student model. But with the trombone, there’s not much difference between the beginner models and the intermediate ones. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first trombone or an advanced player ready to upgrade, you’ll surely find one that’s suited for you from the list we have below.

Best Rated Tenor Trombone

Best Rated Tenor Trombone on the Market

When you’re ready to advance your trombone playing, then you have to start using an F trigger with a Bb slide. One of the most trusted model is the Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate B Flat Tenor Trombone. Besides being lightweight and having the great sound quality, it is also affordable.

It has a bore that measures 8.5 inches, allowing the instrument to produce great projection you’d usually here in an orchestra. Moreover, the bore provides enough resonance for a fuller, brighter and warmer tone. Its slide is nickel-plated, which is a good material to make any instrument durable and safe from dent. The whole package comes with Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, pro-deluxe durable hard case, a pair of white gloves, and a cleaning cloth.

Best Rated Contrabass Trombone

Best Rated Contrabass Trombone on the Market

Contrabass trombone is typically a large trombone in F, usually having two triggers, and to an instrument in BBb having a double slide (four tubes on the slide, rather than the standard two). It has a very deep voice that will blend beautifully in an orchestra.

One of the highly rated contrabass trombones is the Miraphone MI57F because of its excellent sound in the lower register. It is in the key of F, which most trombone are. It is quite long and a little awkward to hold for the inexperienced player. It is also constructed with two valves: one is in the key of C, and other one is in the key of C-sharp. Together, they give that nice sound at major arpeggio in the first position.

Best Rated Student Trombone

Best Rated Student Trombone on the Market

The Etude ETB-100 Series Student Trombone features a .495″ bore designed for easy tone production and projection. Additionally, it has a brass outer handslide and crook plus a chrome inner handslide for enhanced durability, which is a great value for students who would need to put some abuse into the instrument.

The ETB-100 displays a great design and reflects Etude’s commitment to outstanding construction, resulting in an instrument that will give you years of musical enjoyment and give youevery chance to develop a lifelong association with the love of music. Included in the package is a case and a mouthpiece.