Best Rated Drum Sets on the Market

Best Rated Drum Sets on the Market

For many, especially those who really love music, drumming is an art form that has basic skills that can be learned by anyone. This is why if you are eager to learn the art of drumming, you must start with its fundamentals. One of the many ways to do so is to hire a drum teacher. But whether or not you are willing to hire a teacher, it is a must that you have at least your own drum set.

Choosing the right drum set can be daunting even when you are already an experienced drummer. To help you out, we’ve listed down the best rated models on the market today.

Best Rated High-End Drum Set

Best Rated High-End Drum Set on the Market

The Yamaha Live Custom 4-Piece Drum Amber Shadow Set is one of the best on the market yet. This is one of the company’s Live Custom series, one that emphasizes on drums particularly suited to live performances.It precedes the Oak Custom series that made Yamaha famous. The difference is that the Live Custom drums have slightly thicker shells, with individual ply thickness being beefed up by 10 percent to 1.2mm. The ply count for the toms and snares remains the same (six) but the cumulative effect of each layer results in altogether fatter shells at 7.2mm. The effect of the added thickness is that the set has less sensitivity yet more projection. Moreover, the lugs are upgraded to Absolute models, which are attached to the shell by a single bolt, making them genuine low mass components.

The bass drum shells in the Live Custom line are comprised of eight-ply designs. Toms, floor toms and snare shells are constructed with six. All drums have a 45’ bearing edge. The Live Custom line has lots of sizes to choose from within the bass drums and toms, but you only get the one snare size. Finally, as expected from Yamaha’s standard level, this kit was built to high quality.

Best Rated Electronic Drum Set

Best Rated Electronic Drum Set on the Market

If you’re into electronic drum playing, then you shouldn’t ignore one of the best sets out there: the Alesis DM7X Session Kit Five-Piece Ultra-Compact Electronic Drum Set. Its extremely playable pads offer realistic extras such as a dual-zone snare for accurate rimshots, as well as a crash cymbal with choke. The enhanced bass drum system is fast, responsive, and extra-quiet. The sturdy, all-in-one drum rack features a wide stance with longer feet for improved balance. And beause this is compact, it can fit easily anywhere in your home.

This model from Alexis comes with 40 classic and modern ready-to-play kits. You can easily tweak existing kits or create your own if you’re playing a little creative. Drum and cymbal buttons are arranged to resemble the layout of a traditional kit, so it’s simple to assign sounds and create kits quickly. Moreover, its backlit LCD screen is a great addition in making things quite easy. Its built-in learning mode features, sixty play-along music tracks. There is also n advanced sequencer and a performance recorder to expand your drumming skills. In addition to the USB MIDI connection for use with computers and mobile devices, the DM7X module also offers MIDI In and Out jacks so you can connect to your favorite MIDI-equipped drum machine, sound module or other audio gear. Additionally, there is a headphone jack for private practice, plus stereo outs to connect to a PA system, amplifier, or recording interface. The stereo aux input allows you to connect with your CD player or mobile device.

Best Rated Six-Piece Drum Set

Best Rated Six-Piece Drum Set on the Market

The family-owned Gretsch music enterprise is one of the most trusted drum makers ever since it was established in 1883. And one of their best is the Catalina series, where the Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple CM1-E826PSDCB belongs to. This series is defined by their sharp-looking six-ply mahogany shells and fine finishes. They feature 30-degree bearing edges, the GTS tom suspension system, and 1.6mm hoops. The fully adjustable independent double-tom holders provide lots of positioning flexibility.

Its mounting hardware includes round “gas cap” bass drum mount plate. Gretsch T-Wing screws and bolts are included on all fittings for drummer-friendly feel and rubber isolators have been added to the die-cast bass drum claws to help keep bass drum hoops looking new. The shell is a 7-ply Gretsch-formula maple shell with 30-degree bearing edges and natural shell interiors. Bass drums include telescopic bass drum spurs matching maple wood bass drum hoops. Toms/snare feature 2.3 mm triple flanged hoops. All drums are fitted with Remo drum heads, including coated batters and clear resonant on toms/snare and clear bass drum batter head with muffle ring. And, as evident with its look, this set is built to impress and to last for years.