Best Professional Flutes for the Money

Best Professional Flutes for the Money

Are you’re ready to take your flute-playing to the next level? If so, then it is time to upgrade your flute. But shopping for a professional flute can be daunting. Of course, you would want to go with a trusted brand. However, brand name mustn’t only be your qualifying factor. What you need is an instrument that won’t hold you back technically, because you want as much as versatility in it as your performance requires.

Professional flutes tend to be a lot pricier than beginner flutes. Moreover, the price tends to increase as the amount of solid silver increases. We hope that you find exatcly what you need and the one that your budget would allow with the list we have below.

Best High-End Flute for Young Professionals

Best High-End Flute for the Money for Young Professionals

Manufacturers understand that most young professional flutists would want a high-caliber flute without necessarily breaking the bank. After all, these flutists may not be earning that much money. This is exactly what Yamaha has to offer when they released the Yamaha Professional 777H Flute. From its sterling silver headjoint, body, and keys, this instrument is sure to deliver he warmth and expressive colors that only the finest silver flutes can provide. The headjoint, body and footjoint are all heat treated with Yamaha’s proprietary acoustic annealing process to provide an impressive evenness of tone and response throughout all registers.

Its sterling silver headjoint is hand-finished, assuring buyers that it has gone through rigorous test of hands. The specially designed cut of this headjoint offers incredible response and an impressive dynamic range. The 700 series where the 777H belongs to boast a 0.43mm wall thickness which, when combined with the hand-finished sterling silver headjoint, provides a remarkably warm and rich tone. Moreover, all the models from the said series come standard with Straubinger Phoenix Pads for a more precise and consistent seal. Straubinger Phoenix Pads allow you to play with a lighter touch and quicker action.

Best Standard Professional Flute

Best Standard Professional Flute for the Money

Standard professional flutes are considered the creme de la creme of flute, as  they feature the finest materials and highest craftsmanship. And that comes with a price. Solid silver is standard throughout professional flutes and most are available with a variety of precious metal upgrades.  These can include the use of a variety of types of gold and even platinum. One of our favorite standard flute is the Pearl Maesta Professional Flute. The Maesta Series is known as the “jewel in their crown” of this brand.

As with other Pearl professional flutes, this model is equipped with the company’s patented Pinless construction, which eliminates the problems of protruding needles and corrosion and binding that affect the keys. Added to this is the additional bridge mechanisms that add strength to the entire mechanism and the socket-head screws are inserted from the underside of the key work, preventing the entry of perspiration into the mechanism. Its headjoint is one to be impressed about as well. It is ery responsive, and produces a dark centered tone. A wide dynamic range is ensured throughout the entire registers. Indeed, this flute gives justice to its high price.

Best Wooden Flute for Professional Flutists

Best Wooden Flute for the Money for Professional Flutists

Wood is a preferred material when it comes to most musical instruments, and flutes are not an exception. A wooden flute gives richer, more solid and powerful tone compared to those made of metal. However, it requires tighter and more work on the lips for the blowing style. This is why wooden flutes aren’t usually recommended for students; they can be easily tired out with this type of flute.

Our best pick of wooden flute is the Carrotmusic Model CD301 Alto C Professional Level Dizi Bamboo Flute. The main body of the instrument is made of bamboo with thread wraps around it between holes. There’s also an engraved calligraphy near the head of the flute, a nice additional touch for how gorgeous it already is! The flute has a range of about two octaves. This instrument is tuned to the diatonic western scale with a good full sound in the lower register and a bright upper register.

Best Rated Piccolo Flute

Best Rated Professional Piccolo Flute for the Money

Piccolo is the smallest type of flute, sounding an entire octave above the standard C flute. Since piccolos are much more difficult to play than the C flute, beginners are encouraged to try their hands first on the latter. Though, there are piccolos now that are designed for beginning students.

If you are an advanced student or ready to step up into the professional level, one of the best to buy is the Yamaha YPC-82 Professional Piccolo. It looks so gorgeous, and the craftmanship is obviously high-quality! It’s not doubtful at all that this instrument has been handcrafted by accomplished artisans. It has a body top-grade grenadilla wood, which gives it that stable and full sound. It also features a sterling silver headjoint. Ask any piccolo experts, and they would tell you it’s worth the price especially when you’re moving up into the musical ladder.