Best Mid-Range Electric Guitars

Best Mid-Range Electric Guitars

What are the important features you should look for when you’re buying an electric guitar, especially one that is not so expensive? There is actually one to always remember: the pickup is the soul of the guitar, and that is where you should look first. The volume and the tone controls are important, too. There are guitars that provide great versatility with the new generation of controls that they are including in their models; take advantage of that.

And what you should not care too much about when you’re in a budget? It’s the brand name. Paying for a git just because it has a popular brand name when you can get the same quality from another brand is just plain ridiculous. So, to help you decide, here are some of our favorites.

Best Rated Mid-Range Electric Guitar

Best Rated Mid-Range Electric Guitar

The Schecter Omen Extreme 6 is a very attractive guitar with its double-cutaway body painted with different styles (the picture shown on the right is in “sunburst”). It comes with 6 strings that can create a variety of sounds. The body is entirely made out of mahogany with quilted maple, which gives it an elegant look and feel. The fingerboard is made out of rosewood attached to a maple neck.

Its electronics is not something to ignore. In fact, it can create a variety of sounds that can be used in all sorts of music genres, from heavy metal to blues. This can be done using the three-way toggle switch that is included in the model and a modified push/pull coil-splitting, which can adjust the tone and the master volume. As for the bridge, it is a Tune-O-Matic, and its design comes with a string-through that adds extra sustain.The sound the guitar creates is wonderful and can be a feast for the ear. Although it has been designed to play a certain type of music, you can definitely play around it for more.

Best Attractive Electric Guitar

Best Attractive Mid-Range Electric Guitar

The Danelectro DC 59 Modified takes its name after Jimmy Page, the leader of the popular rock band Led Zeppelin. When he used it in one of the band’s videos, it became an instant bestseller. It is not hard to see why Page would go and use it and consciously or unconsciously advertised it. The body of the guitar is made out of rosewood and its unique design is one of the first things you would notice. The saddle bridge is also made out of rosewood. The main color it comes in is black, and because of the materials used, the guitar is fairly light compared to other models. This makes it easier for you to play on it.

When it comes to sound quality, it is at par with its price. The guitar has inline geared tuners and comes with 0’s strings, which usually have to be modified, but the sound the guitar will create after the modifications are complete will be worth it. This model is perfect for heavy metal enthusiasts and can become a great item of sentimental value. Additionally, playing this guitar feels amazing, as other customers have reiterated time and again.

Best Value Electric Guitar

Best Value Mid-Range Electric Guitar

The Ibanez S521 S Series is undeniably gorgeous! It really does adhere to the same level of charm and innovative progression the brand employs in all other instruments they create.It features a gorgeous Blackberry Sunburst body and finish, and comes packed with diversified hi-quality components that make it stand out from the rest of the competition in its price range.

The instrument’s attractive body is made of mahogany. Its rosewood fingerboard has a 15.75” radius, and it is equipped with 24 jumbo frets and offset white dot inlays. Its electronics doesn’t come as a big surprise in quality, featuring the Infinity technology – a preferred pick for the brand in all their models, ensuring best of the best sound quality. It does make it good in all genres, namely: blues, rock, metal, jazz – from chilling lows to dangerous highs that can get out of control, it will be a beast every single time.