Best High-Quality Flutes on the Market

Best High-Quality Flutes on the Market

The type of flute you play should be determined by the level of your music ability. If you have never played a flute before, the most logical thing to do is to consult a professional first before you spend your hard-earned money for one. On the other hand, if you’re moving up the ladder, you will find out that you’ll need a piece with the ability to deliver fullness of sound,variation in tone color, and speed of response.

There are many different makes and models out there that provide different levels of quality. While you can always go for popular bands, sometimes they are not within the reach of your budget. To help you out, here are few of the best high-quality flutes on the market today.

Best High-Quality Midrange Flute

Best High-Quality Midrange Flute on the Market

The Azumi AZ3 Flute is from one of the mos trusted music brands, Altus. It is one of their most impressive offerings yet. And its price point says a lot about the amount of attention to detail to its construction. It has very advanced features, such as a split E mechanism, the option to have the in-line or offset G and the C# trill key. Even at first glance, you can see how it is very well constructed.

Made of sterling silver from its headjoint to the body combined with silver-plated keys, it can produce very high quality sound appropriate for intermediate players who are to perform on stage and who want their instruments to have the ability to keep up with the demand of their advanced practices. Another great highlight of this flute is the Z-cut headjoint. It is easy to get a good sound out of this instrument, no matter which of its three registers you’re playing in. The Azumi AZ3 comes with the option to have the trill key or not and to have the in-line or offset G key. Whichever option you choose, you can be certain that you are getting exactly what you want from a flute. Included in the package is a case and cleaning products to keep the instrument at its best condition.

Best Flute for Intermediate Players

Best Top Quality Flute for Intermediate Players on the Market

If you talk about quality flutes, Yamaha is always on the list. One of our favorites in their lineup is the Yamaha YFL-461 Series, which is primarily designed for advanced players. It features solid silver head, body, and foot joints, allowing it to produce warm and rich tone. Additionally, it boasts an undercut embouchure, which makes the instrument very responsive to different styles of play.

Yamaha has a manufacturing technique for their adjustment hardware. The screws are designed in a way that you can adjust them easily and precisely. And once they’re in place, they are not going to rotate out of place on their own. It also helps that the headjoint, body, foot joint and lip plate are all made out of sterling silver. Sterling silver has great tonal characteristics. This high-quality features come with a price, though, so get your pockets ready for it.

Best High-Quality Flute for the Money

Best High-Quality Flute for the Money on the Market

If you’re ready to move up from beginner level, then consider the Pearl 665 Quantz.  Pearl has a great reputation for producing quality instruments for beginner students, but their intermediate flutes deserve some praises as well. This particular model is constructed with the advanced student in mind. It has  French pointed arms, which are typically only seen on higher end flutes, but which are made available on this flute to students who are just starting on their way to becoming truly advanced. Moreover, it comes standard with a B footjoint and an optional off-set G key and split E mechanism. The flute also include key hole inserts to aid students transitioning from a closed-hole flute.

You need not to worry about quality with this flute even when it is one of the most affordable in its class. Upgrading won’t be necessary for a long time and, in some cases, it may not even be necessary until you reach the level of a true concert performer and need a professional quality instrument. Lastly, let’s consider yet another great feature that makes it stand out: it has a one-piece, core bar construction and a pinless mechanism. Both of these things considerably increase the quality of the instrument overall and make it easier to play. The construction is very durable, but also offers efficiency and reliability. The pinless mechanism is smooth, easy to play and very responsive.