Best High-End Acoustic Guitars on the Market

Best High-End Acoustic Guitars on the Market

You’ve been bitten by desire. You want an acoustic guitar now. But you don’t know which one to buy. It can really be overwhelming as there are so many options available. However, you are dead sure you’re going to get one on the higher end of the spectrum. Yet you don’t want to go for more than a thousand dollars? Can you get a premium acoustic guitar with that budget? Definitely! And we’ve rounded up a few of the best in this price range. Check them out below.

Best Full-Size Premium Acoustic Guitar

Best Full-Size Premium Acoustic Guitar on the Market

The Taylor brand has been known for quality, so you’d expect nothing less from the Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar. It is an authentic sounding tonal guitar that packs both acoustic and electric elements. It features a Grand Auditorium body shape, which means it is reall BIG! Thanks to its Venetian cutaway, though, it is manageable and way more accessible than any other full size instrument boasting an identical body type.

Its body sports a solid spruce top and a tortoise pickguard. The sides and back are made of laminated sapele, packing extra resistance to external environmental effects. This makes it sturdy and allows it to stand the test of time. You can definitely give this even to your grandchildren! The forward shifted bracing pattern flawless maintains the body’s integrity and stability. Terrific intonation and awe-worthy stability is being upheld by the ebony bridge system. Moreover, its ast dynamics are further enriched via the remarkable electronics situated underneath the body. With these components come  beautifully harmonic bright tones with an excellent high gain sustain. The optimal bass levels blend quite amazingly. Overall, the sound quality is more than what its price has asked for.

Best High-End Acoustic Guitar for Live Performance

Best High-End Acoustic Guitar for Live Performance on the Market

The Martin GPCPA5K Guitar is an all-around instrument best suited for those who prefer the live stage setting. Its Grand Performance body enables a vast stage presence through its big and chunky tones. Its body is constructed from solid Sitka spruce top ensuring a vast, balanced tonal projection. The sides and back are made of exclusive, environment-friendly HPL Koa wood. The body is held together by the identical Hybrid X bracing pattern found in the brand’s flagship models. Its neck, on one hand, is made of brown Stratabond, sporting a low profile for extreme playability. The neck accommodates the black Richlite fingerboard – rigged with 20 frets and white dot inlays.

To be honest, this model is not quite your average dreadnought-y tonal guitar. And although its large body seeks volume attention, it does strive towards midrange-y tones much more. In fact, the more you go lower on the tonal scale, the more you will get a feel of the authentic Martin sound vibe.If you are willing to spend a significant sum of money on an instrument of this caliber, you won’t regret picking this up.

Best Premium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best Premium Acoustic-Electric Guitar on the Market

Martin’s Road Series is a line of excellent sounding hi-quality acoustic guitars, and one of our favorites in this series is the Martin DRS2 Road Series Acoustic Electric. It packs just enough punchy projection to make you want to take it wherever you are performing. Its body features a solid Sitka spruce top which strikingly resembles mahogany wood, and a black pickguard atop. The sides and back are made of solid sapele packing a gorgeous satin finish. The set-in neck features a modified low oval shape ensuring playability at its finest. Additionally, the neck is made of multilaminated Stratabond – aiding in greater endurance and stability.

This model offers a combination of gorgeous tones and balanced bass levels with a steady focus, never unleashing unnecessary loudness. The electronics provide a naturally brighter and louder projection, enhancing the tones that are perfect for live performance. Overall, this is a travel-friendly guitar that deserves nothing but praise, considering its [affordable] price.