Best Harmonicas for the Money

Best Harmonicas for the Money

When you’re looking for your own harmonica, it is but only logical that you’d want one that is worth our money. With all the many models now available in the market, it is no longer easy to tell which one really fits your budget. Cheap doesn’t always mean low quality. There are also those expensive ones that are not as good as you’d expect them to be.

In this article, we try to narrow down your choices. These harmonicas have different prices, but their quality is not far different from each other.

Best Harmonica for the Complete Beginner

Best Harmonica for the Money for the Complete Beginner

The diaotnic harmonica in the key of “C” is the most recommended type for the complete beginner. This is because most of the theory and explanations in playing harmonicas are based on this key. Most teachers would recommend the Hohner Harmonica M2013BX-C. It has a rounded plastic comb and cover plate design that are gentle on the lips. The curve sides and rouded edges also make it very comfortable to hold and play even for a long period of time. Moreover, because this model has wide-open cover plates and side vents, it is one of the loudest and most dynamic diatonic harmonica in the market. This is quite advantageous for beginners as it will make them familiar with the real sound.

Beside the sound quality is the fact that the Hohner M2013BX-C looks gorgeous! It comes with a zipper case, nicer in appearance than that of the usual boxes on other harmonicas. It also comes with an elastic band, so you can put the instrument around your waist like a belt.

Top-Rated Wooden Harmonica

Top-Rated Wooden Harmonica for the Money

Remember when we said cheap doesn’t always mean low quality? The Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, Key of G is one of many instances. It offfers that pure, rich, and full tone one will expect from a comb made of wood. In fact, it is one of the most recognizable harmonicas because of this tonal quality. Moreover, this model from Hohner has been made famous by popular musicians, such as John Lennon, Little Walter, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul Butterfield. We can’t stress enough how worth the money this harmonica is! Ask any professional about it, and they’d know.

The Hohner Marine Band is available in 12 major keys and in the lower and higher octave. its body, including the comb, is made of pear wood. It has 20 reeds with 0.99mm brass reed plates.

Best Professional Harmonica Under $50

Best Professional Harmonica for the Money Under $50

Rosewood has been sought after construction when it comes to musical instruments, such as guitars, violins, and harmonicas. This is because the wood allows the instruments to deliver warmer tone and great tonal qualities. In harmonicas, rosewood gives the instrument the richness in overall tone. And that is exactly what the Suzuki Pure Harp Harmonica offers its potential users.

This model features the unique Suzuki reed plates that allow playability, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced players. It is also available in major keys.