Best Guitar Amplifiers Under $100

Best Guitar Amplifiers Under $100

Do you really need to buy expensive instruments just so you can say you’re a true musician? If you think you do, get that thought out of your head. Many successful musicians had come from humble beginnings, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the chance to be successful, too, even when you have to own the cheapest instrument out there.

Luckily, companies nowadays have realized that there are a lot of starving musicians out there who are desperate to own a guitar amplifier. This is the reason they now offer a wide range of decent guitar amps that won’t cost you over a hundred dollars.

Best Rated Guitar Amplifier

Best Rated Guitar Amplifier Under $100

If you’re in need of a budget solution for, say a small jam session or just a practice in your own garage, then the Line 6 Spider IV 15 is a great choice. This amp gives you access to a variety of tones. With one small 8-inch speaker and 15 watts of power, it is just the right size for a room practice.

The Line 6 Spider IV is a modeling amp, which means that it uses digital technology to amplify sound. There are six different preset effects for you to play with, and you can save up to four of your own settings to quickly switch to when you’re tired of the preset effects. Additionally, you get ree access to Spider Online, a unique online resource offering over 500 guitar lessons, amp tones, jam tracks and more. Lessons cover all genres and styles and include tabs, audio samples and tones.

Best Guitar Combo Amp

Best Guitar Combo Amp Under $100

The Marshall MG15CF MG Series is a bit flashier than the Line 6, but is still under a hundred dollars. It is a combo amp; this means that it uses both tube and analog technology to amplify sound. Because of this, you can expect the amp to hold up for quite a while with absolutely no maintenance. And this also means you need to sacrifice custom effects to make way for a slightly superior sound quality and overall durability.

It is powered by 15-watt motor and a one 8-inch speaker. Although this is enough for practicing alone or a small gathering or jamming session, it is not something you want to bring to a large venue. Finally, it is designed as two-channel amp with MP3 input.

Best Guitar Amp for the Money

Best Guitar Amp for the Money Under $100

Gain, volume, treble/mid/bass, FX select, and FX volume — these are what you get from the Fender Champion 20. What’s great about this amp is how user-friendly it is. You can easily configure it even if it is your first time to ever use a guitar amp.

Another great feature of this amp is its AUX support. You can plug in your phone, play some music, and jam out to the songs as if you were in the actual band. This is something you rarely find in an affordable amp. Finally, the Fender Champion 20 can get really loud without even sacrifing sound quality. This is highly recommended if you want an amp that is ready to take on your practice right out of the box.