Best French Horns for Intermediate Players

Best French Horns for Intermediate Players

The French horn is one of the oldest instruments ever recorded. The first versions were from actual horns of different animals such as rams and cattles. The name French horn is actually an inaccurate name as its modern version is not made in France but in Germany. No matter what you call it though, there’s no denying that the French horn is an integral part of any orchestra, concert band, and chamber music.

The complexity and amount of time devoted in the building of the whole instrument makes it one of the costliest in the market, so getting a new one would take a lot of consideration, especially the money you are willing to shell out for one. Moreover, most of the time, the needs of a beginner is quite different from that of the intermediate player and the professional. If you’re ready to move on from a beginner’s step, then a double horn is the best bet. Compared to the single F horn that is built for beginners, a double horn offers more improved construction and better quality materials, thus giving better tonal characteristic.

Here are some of the best double horns in the market for intermediate players who want to continue playing this instrument and advance in their skills.

 Best French Double Horn for the Money

 Best French Double Horn for the Money for Intermediate Players

One of the few most trusted French double horns is the Conn 6D Artist Series Double Horn. The most obvious reason experienced players would recommend this model is because of its tone — brighter and brassier than the beeginner model and even other intermediate models out there. It doesn’t even require thorough maintenance; all it needs is the usual oiling of the valves and washing and lubricating of the tubes.

Its durability comes as no surprise at all (some players have had their Conn 6D horns for almost four decades!). This model has been produced for nearly 75 years, which means all the bugs and things players didn’t like had been worked out in its latest design. For this quality, the price is already a great deal.

Best French Double Horn for Intermediate Players

Best French Double Horn for Intermediate Players

The Yamaha YHR-567 Geyer Series Double French Horn is yet another recommended instrument for the students who are playing at an intermediate level. It features .472-inch bore with a Geyer wrap and tapered gold brass leadpipe design. Compared to its predecessors, this model has a better response and intonation. It also delivers a very mellow and rich tone. Additionally, it has an adjustable thumb lever for easier playability.

Best French Double Horn Under $1000

Best French Double Horn Under $1000 for Intermediate Players

Most students would often ask if they can buy new double horns for less than a thousand dollars. It does seem impossible if you’re looking for high-quality model, but the Schiller American Heritage IV Double French Horn proves otherwise. First off, the nickle plating and the shape make this horn look really good. At its price range, it’s construction is surprisingly impressive. It doesn’t feel weak or flimsy, and it has just the right weight. Although you’d find a few flaws, the good qualities you expect from a double horn are intact in this instrument.