Best Flutes in the Market

When shopping for a flute, the first mistake anyone can make is to consider only the price. Affordability isn’t always the best route to go, because most high quality flutes would require you to shell out money. There are a number of reasons you should use higher-quality instruments: better intonation, more ease of play, better projection, and more clarity in all ranges. If you happen to get a low-grade flute, you may give up learning the instrument because of unacceptable delivery of sound from it instead of your own playing.

To narrow down your choices, we listed here few of the best according to what one would need.

Best Concert Flute for Students

Best Concert Flute for Students in the Market

The concert flute (also known as soprano)  Pearl 795 Elegante Coda Flute is one of the many flutes categorized as the main instruments in the flute family. A concert flute is the primary instrument not only for advanced flutists but also for beginning students. In fact, learning to play a concert flute is a very critical phase for a student before he/she can specialize in other kinds of flutes, such as the alto and the bass.

The Pearl model here is one of the most recommended ones for beginning and advanced students alike. It is handcrafted in sterling silver and has a Forza headjoint with gold lip plate. The construction, especially that of the headjoint, allows the instrument to deliver pure and sweet tone that is highly expected from a quality concert flute. The workmanship is very impressive that it is nothing short when it comes t sound performance.

Best Professional C Flute

Best Professional C Flute in the Market

Another great concert flute or C flute is the Gemeinhardt Model 23SSB Professional Flute. this particular model is made from solid silver, both for its headjoint and body. As music experts would tell you, silver flutes offer a lot of advantages; one of which is its better responsiveness in tonal coloring. Another is the ability of silver flutes to tolerate great variety of embouchures, thus making them capable of a wide range of tonal characteristics, techniques, and shading. All of these are what exactly the Gemeinhardt Model can provide to advanced and professional flutists. We don’t recommend this to complete beginners, though.

Best Silver Alto Flute

Best Silver Alto Flute in the Market

Another type of flute is the alto, which is featured in many orchestral performances (though not as frequent as the C flute). Its low timbre adds that mellow and sweet sound in an orchestra. It sounds a 4th lower than the standard C flute and plays in the key of G, but they are the same when it comes to fingering.

One of the few recommended alto flutes is the Allora AAAF-302 Alto Flute. It has a beautiful tonal response, enabling it to deliver that warm and inviting sound professionals expect frm an alto flute that’s made of sterling/solid silver. It comes with straight and curved headjoints, giving you the flexibility you need when playing. The curved headjoint is particularly helpful for players to have better reach on the keys, and is usually intended for beginners.

Best Professional Piccolo Flute

Best Professional Piccolo Flute in the Market

Piccolo is the smallest type of flute, sounding an entire octave above the standard C flute. Since piccolos are much more difficult to play than the C flute, beginners are encouraged to try their hands first on the latter. Though, there are piccolos now that are designed for beginning students.

If you are an advanced student or ready to step up into the professional level, one of the best to buy is the Yamaha YPC-82 Professional Piccolo. It looks so gorgeous, and the craftmanship is obviously high-quality! It’s not doubtful at all that this instrument has been handcrafted by accomplished artisans. It has a body top-grade grenadilla wood, which gives it that stable and full sound. It also features a sterling silver headjoint. Ask any piccolo experts, and they would tell you it’s worth the price especially when you’re moving up into the musical ladder.