Best Flutes for Beginner Students

Best Flutes for Beginner Students

Buying your first flute can be overwhelming and confusing. There are just so many names, so many brands, and so many types to choose from. And then you consider the different prices, there are just too many information to absorb. There are, of course, ways to make things a bit easier. The most obvious step is to do your research beforehand. Secondly, be careful of flutes that look too cheap. You don’t want to get one from this bunch, as they tend to be more costly in the long run than that of good-branded flutes.

Since you are still a beginner student, avoid flutes that are not designed to suit your level. A good quality beginner flute will be easy to play, light to hold, and should withstand the knocks you’re going to give it. On the other hand, professional flutes tend to be heavier, offer the fuller sound and increased projection that an advanced player needs. Without further ado, here are our most recommended flutes for beginner students.

Best Student Flute for the Money

Best Beginner Students Flute for the Money

The Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute is made from durable nickle-silver, so it can withstand the rigors of any starting player who needs a lot of practice. This is one favorite of most flute teachers because of its playability, thanks to its CY headjoint with specially designed embouchure hole. This headjoint tends to be more restrictive — which means there’s a little control as to its dynamics and expressions — without taking away the ease of playing. The restrictiveness of the instrument isn’t much of a concern to beginning students; they are more focused on being able to make the flute sound.

If you’re ready to step to the next level of playing a flute, you won’t need to throw the entire flute into the garbage. Since 70-90% of a flute’s sound quality comes from its headjoint, you would only need to upgrade this particular part to get into the next level.

Best Rated Flute for Beginners

Best Rated Flute for Beginner Students

The Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute is a silver-plated student flute that is regarded for its excellent tonal qualities. It is also built tough to take a bit of abuse of practice. And you’d be glad of its delivery; you will be able to get a lot of color out of your tone with this instrument.

For the best tonal quality out of a flute, silver is always the primary choice. But for beginner students, a silver-plated one is good enough, and since the Gemeinhardt 2SP is  triple coated silver plated finish, it can impressively deliver what is expected out of it. It also has that superior tonal quality to it over nickel-plating. Included with the flute itself are pad cups, power coined keys and other enhancements that make their instruments serious enough for students who want to advance. This particualr model is notable because of the way it balances out its capability for subtlety.

Best Open-Holed Student Flute

Best Open-Holed Beginner Student Flute

The Jupiter 511 Series Student Flute is an open-holed flute that boasts a silver-plated body, keys, and headjoint. Attributes include an in-line G, gizmo keys and a B foot that not only extends the lower range, but also allows the higher octaves to play more in tune, and improves the flute’s overall projection. The 511 series utilizes a ribbed construction and a high nickel content to produce excellent sound quality.

This particular model has been regarded for its durablity. It has power-forged keys that provide strength and durability. It also features hidden adjustment screws, which prevent tampering and reduce the need for repairs. Moreover, it features offset finger buttons on keys that educe the stretch required for small hands to play the standard tone hole spacing of the modern Boehm flute. This one is an expensive flute yet it has a lot of advanced features suited to both beginner and advanced students.