Best Electric Guitars Under $500

Best Electric Guitars Under $500

Several years ago, a $500 in your pocket would only afford you a second-hand electric guitar  that you could only hope to still have a few of its best qualities. But things have changed over the course of time, and technology has played a big part of it. Yes, it has even in the music industry, particularly the instruments we use today.

As more competitors are entering in the guitar market, everyone becomes competitive. This is a good news for buyers as this would mean that they are willing to shred off some bucks on the price tag. Now, with a $500 in your pocket, you can already own a brand new high-quality electric guitar. So, if you’re in the hunt for one, consider the ones we have recommended below.

Best Rated Electric Guitar

Best Rated Electric Guitar Under $500

The Fender Mexican Standard Telecaster has a six-saddle string-through body that is made of Alder and protected by a white parchment pick guard. It also boasts an extended gorgeous C-shaped maple neck that enables swift movement and bending of your strings with ease. Its fingerboard has a 9.5” radius, and it is equipped with 21 medium jumbo frets. And it does look gorgeous indeed. Its rounded top has a 70s vintage headstock featuring the brand’s stylish logo, and it’s equipped with modern adjustable tuners.

Besides the hardware, a guitar’s electronics plays a big part on how it sounds as well. This guitar’s electronics is sure to provide quality sound. In fact, the guitar offers a fantastic range of low to mid gain tonal capabilities, perfect for Country, Blues and Rock. Fender guitars have grown over time to a synonym for quality, and this splendid classic is no different.

Best Electric Guitar for the Money

Best Electric Guitar for the Money Under $500

The Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Telecaster is staying true to its name: it has that classic vibes of the ’50s. One of the features that define it, compared to other types of guitar, is its C-shape neck, which is really distinguishable in a crowd. Its body, on one hand, is made out of pine and is finished with a butterscotch blonde look, which, together with the vintage tint C shaped neck, creates a head-turning design. Additionally, its neck is designed with a 21 medium sized jumbo frets and a 9.5’’ fret board radius, giving it a kick of that modern look.

The classic Vibe comes with two custom, but also vintage like, pickups, Single Coil Tele, and six vintage style strings thru-body with three barrel saddles made of brass. It also has a master volume and controls for the tone, which allows you to create quality sound when you set it up properly. All in all, with its design, this guitar is perfect for rock, pop, rock and roll, and anything else that comes to mind.

Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

Best Electric Guitar for Beginners Under $500

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard may have been advertised as the perfect instrument for complete beginners, but that doesn’t mean the advanced players cannot take advantage of its quality. But why is this a great choice of an electric guitar? For one, it is based on a 50-year evergreen that lasted throughout all these years. More than that, it is still one of the bestsellers on the market. And most of all, it is designed by the legendary guitarist, Les Paul. This what makes this classic guitar awesome for beginners, casual musicians, and even semi-pro artists that are performing on stage.

This Les Paul Standard guitar is made from mahogany for its body and quality maple for its top. This combo helps the guitar achieve the sustain and the tone that made this brand so popular among so much world famous guitarists. The rosewood fretboard attached to a mahogany neck makes it look very desirable for guitarists of all levels. Additionally, its hardware is within the high standards that made Les Paul famous. You can auto lock the bridge and tailpiece without having to rely on any tools. The quality of the materials used in the body will provide you with superb sound. Epiphone have been designing instruments for almost 150 years, and you can trust on that almost two centuries of quality instruments.

Best Electric Guitar Money can Buy

Best Electric Guitar Money can Buy Under $500

The last but not definitely the least in our list is the Fender Standard Stratocaster. It boasts the ability to be played for almost any type of genre from blues and jazz to metal. Moreover, it is playable right out of the box and does not require any type of modifications, which is much appreciated by everyone who had spend their money for this beast.

The body of the guitar is made out of maple and the colors used give it a beautiful elegant look, like a fading wine that finishes to a flame maple neck or the all-white color shown in the picture. Its neck, which is made out of maple, has 21 frets.The pickups are made out of ceramics. The bridge of this model is well built and, therefore, very durable. Finally, it tends to stay perfectly in tune and is great for blues.