Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

Although most would agree that musicians’ quality are going downhill, everyone would definitely agree that our musical instruments are geting better and better every year. This is definitely thanks to the advancement in technologies and electronics. And this holds true with guitars. For less than $1000, you can already get a great electric guitar of your own. The best part, with that price tag, you are guaranteed to walk out with an impressive guitar in your hands.

For this price range, we have compiled a handful of the best. You’ll never go wrong whichever you choose from the list below.

Best Electric Guitar for the Money

Best Electric Guitar for the Money Under $1000

One of the few best recommendations of experienced guitarists when it comes to $1000 electric guitar is the Fender American Special Stratocaster. Its gorgeous body is made of solid Alder bolt-on tied to its maple satin finished neck, which hosts its maple fingerboard equipped with 22 jumbo frets with black dot position inlays. This Strat offers carefree string-bending any guitarist would appreciate. The instrument is topped off with a classic 70’s headstock featuring 6 diecast sealed chrome Fender tuners. Its bridge is equipped with a vintage-style synchronized tremolo system.

But enough with the component. What we want to know is its sound quality, which is a good news: it doesn’t disappoint. The sound reproduction of this remarkable piece of work covers sweet Country, Blues and Rock melodies. Its bridge pickups output a wide array of tones, ranging from clean, smooth and bright all the way up to emulating some punchy midrange aggression. Indeed, dissatisfaction is out of the question with this Fender guitar.

Best Rated Electric Guitar

Best Rated Electric Guitar Under $1000

Gibson is a brand that is known for quality. They seem to never stop improving, innovating and raising the bar of standard quality. And they prove this yet again with the Gibson Les Paul Junior. Its body is crafted with mahagony in a classic single cutaway design, covered in a gorgeous cherry red color tone and a single-ply black pickguard. The glued-in slim taper mahagony neck hosts a smooth rosewood fingerboard equipped with 22 medium frets and pearl dot inlays, wrapped up with a Zero Fret nut. Moreover, it comes with one P-90ST Dog Ear single-coil pickup close to the bridge position, backed up in clarity with hi-end Alnico slugs. Additionally on its right side, you’ll find the normal master Volume and Tone control knobs.

With this quality hardware, you’d really expect impressive sound reproduction. In fact, it offers nice bluesy tones as well as solid rock dives. This makes it unrivaled in its price range.

Best Electric Guitar for Metal Music

Best Electric Guitar for Metal Music Under $1000

If you’re a metal fan, you’d definitely glorify the Schecter Hellraiser C1. For starter, it features a slim flat mahogany neck that is hosting 24 big X-jumbo frets. The mahogany body comes with quilted maple top and stylish black cherry finish and, of course, the very popular neck trough body ultra-access cutaway. The gothic cross inlays are screaming sophisticated metal!

There are a few guitars that allow you to get about any tone you can think of without the need of any additional modification, and the Hellraiser C-1 is one of them. Metal or thrash, its sustain is is so impressive. It will give you that classic bright sound of metal. Indeed, this model has a golden name without the big price.

Best Quality Electric Guitar

Best Quality Electric Guitar Under $1000

If you are a guitarist — beginner or not — who wants to play a little bit of everything, then the Ibanez S770PB Electric Guitar is best suited for your taste. It has that gorgeous classic design with a deep cutout, reminiscent to that of a Strat model. Its body is made of hi-quality mahagony, bolt-on attached to its “Wizard-III”-style maple neck. The fingerboard is made of rosewood and it’s equipped with 24 jumbo frets.

With its high-quality hardware and electronics, this axe definitely delivers aturally splendid sound quality, yet also capable of matching any genre of music you throw at it. It can help you improve your sound as you find the genre you’d shine the most. It can handle anything, making it a real value for money.