Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands

Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands

There’s one thing common about products made: they almost always cater to average people. Even most electric guitars are made to acomodate those with normal-size hands. This can be a challenging feat to those with small hands. It is hard to cover all of the notes on the fretboard, and this is specially more difficult if you have short fingers. Barring chords is yet another difficulty faced by those with smallet set of paws than the average bear!

There are, of course, different solutions for this problem. One, you can hire a music teacher. This can be helpful if the problem lies with poor form , which can be solved with repositioning your thumb. Yet another solution that may be appealing to many is just to find an electric guitar that is primarily designed for small-handed players. If the latter solution appeals to you most, here are some of the most recommended models.

Best High-End Electric Guitar

Best High-End Electric Guitar for Small Hands

The distinct sound of the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar LH NOS Electric Guitar is what makes it so popular among guitarists. It is a personal guitar inspired by the tastes and preferences of one of the world’s most legendary guitarists, Kurt Cobain. He was the lead singer/guitar player for the band called Nirvana. Nirvana achieved a moderate amount of success in the 90’s and Fender has decided to commemorate the achievements of the late Cobain with a thoughtful and meticulous reissue of his 1965 Jaguar, one of the few guitars he didn’t destroy. It is due to it being a tribute guitar that it has become so popular.

This model great for small-hand players has quite a few nice features. It has that Road-Worn aged finish and hardware treatment, a Strat headstock, a unique pickup wiring configuration, a nice black textured vinyl hardshell case, and an exclusive book featuring photography by Charles Peterson and an exclusive interview with Nirvana‘s guitar tech, Earnie Bailey. Moreover, with its wiring configuration and its DiMarzio humbuckers, the guitar gives a wholly unique sound. Additionally, by its built alone, you can really tell that a tremendous amount of detail was given to every aspect of the build; they even jammed dirt into the grooves of the pickup screws. It feels very sturdy, and playable even for small hands.

Best Vintage Style Electric Guitar

Best Vintage Style Electric Guitar for Small Hands

The Squier by Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s is an excellent choice of guitar for small hands. Although it is often recommended as a beginner guitar, it certainly performs like a pro. This highly rated electric guitar  boasts a number of excellent features for players with smaller hands that need additional comfort while still being able to kick out a solid tune and look ultra cool while doing it.

This model from Fender has a prominent retro feel, with its vintage inspired design that is sleek and stylish. The vibe is a reminiscent f the 50’s era. The alder body is offered in a two-toned color option with a vintage-tinted gloss maple neck and maple fingerboard. It is definitely the pefect blending of the old and new age. Its C-shaped neck and medium-jumbo frets allow users with small hands to play it with ease. It also delivers a classic sound with a custom set of alnico III single-coil pickups. Additionally, this is one lightweight guitar, enabling you to distribute weight effectively while also permitting an enhanced sound and vibration. Yet another attractive factor of the Stratocaster 50s is its price, which can be affordable even for novice players.

Best Inexpensive Electric Guitar

Best Inexpensive Electric Guitar for Small Hands

If money is the number one factor you need to consider when buying a new electric guitar, don’t hesitate to consider the Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Player Pack. It offers a great price witthout having to sacrifice quality and performance.

It features two classic humbucker pickups and a full-on 10-watt Epiphone Electar guitar amp, enough to get you started with your practice. With its  two open-coil humbuckers and a solid wood body, this model can produce a roar beyond what you could possibly expect from such inexpensive electric guitar. Unlike single coil pickups that are sensitive to interference from all other electrical sources, this guitar’s humbucker pickups give you buzz-free tone that can go from clean to overdrive without the extra noise. The Les Paul Special-II LTD’s solid bolt-on hard maple neck has a classic rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. The iconic Epiphone “clipped dovewing” headstock features precision 14:1 ratio machine heads and the iconic signature of the man himself, Les Paul. Indeed, this is one great model you can’t miss with its current price.