Best Drum Sets for the Money

Best Drum Sets for the Money

Buying drum set, whether it’s your first set or just an upgrade from your old one, can be a little tricky if you haven’t all the necessary information of what you want and what gives real value to your money. More often than not, the more expensive a drum set is, the better it sounds. However, this isn’t always the case as there are quality drums out there that don’t have the high price tag. And there’s just the right set for your money.

Here are our top picks of drum sets under different price range.

Best 5-Piece Drum Set

Best 5-Piece Drum Set for the Money

The EXX725S/C 5-Piece Expert New Fusion Drum Set may be within the affordable price range from Pearl’s line, but it has the latest refinements even an intermediate drum player may wish for. The company is well-known for the quality shells that go with their drums, and this set is no exception. They use the same heating method they did with their exceptional lines in the past. The shell inners are made of rich, open-grained reddish color of the Asian faux mahogany. Although this is not the expensive real mahogany, it still looks attractive. It is also this built that the drums do sound great. It adds warmth and depth to the shell tone you may not find even from those drums made from maple. Indeed, this set has fine quality without the expensive price.

Best 4-Piece Drum Set for the Money

Best 4-Piece Drum Set for the Money

Musicians, especially drummers, would know that the company name DW has built its reputation from building high-end hardware and custom-made drums. It is then a breath of fresh air when the company made its first range of production drum kits, which includes the DW Performance Series 4-Piece Shell Pack Tobacco Stain Oil with Chrome Hardware. DW has spent about two years to develop the design and performance of the Performance Series, and that’s saying so much about the quality. The shells are made from the same North American maple that they’ve been using for their custom drums, which brings to what the shells can deliver: low fundamentals with plenty of natural resonance.

Best Mid-Range Drum Set

Best Mid-Range Drum Set for the Money

Sonor has redefined their brand name and brought their ultra high-end custom drums into the lower price spectrum, proving you don’t have to be a multimillionaire to play a Sonor. The 9-layered birch wood (instead of maple) shells are the superb foundation of the Sonor Force 2007 Drum Set. The most impressive part of this set is the toms and the snare both having flawless bearing edges that when combined with the single-ply clear heads and birch wood-made shells give a punchy attack in the sound. More so, the build quality is really something you’d rave about. With an affordable price like this, you’d be getting more than you pay for  the set.

Best Drum Set for Jazz

Best Drum Set for Jazz for the Money

Tama’s Silverstar 4-piece Jazz Shell Kit doesn’t only conform to the jazz music through the sound but also through the look with the set’s vintage burgundy sparkle design. All the drums’ tuning range is impressive enough to convince even the professional drummer to buy the set. With the set’s adjustable tom bracket, versatility in sound is easily achieved. Additional feature of the tom bracket is its ability to swivel around laterally, a hardware innovation drummers would be happy to embrace. This is a professional quality set at a price you won’t scowl over.