Best Drum Sets for Jazz Music

Best Drum Sets for Jazz Music

Generally, jazz drummers are more picky about their choices of cymbals as they are so much a part of the sound of jazz drumming. They don’t compete for space on the sound but rather they are complementing to the drums. And because of the “classic” sound that is always associated with jazz, having the vintage feel for the drum set is a crucial factor. In short, a drum set for jazz music is something that is tasty but not overpowering.

If you’re into jazz, here are our top choices for the drum set that would be perfect for your genre of music.

Best 4-Piece Jazz Drum Kit

Best 4-Piece Jazz Drum Kit for Jazz Music

First impression: man, doesn’t the Gretsch Catalina Jazz Drum Kit look gorgeous! It looks way more expensive than its price. But it is not just aesthetically appealing; it’s tone quality is impressive as well. The sound the set delivers is comparable to that classic, singing tone you would usually hear on old jazz records. It is unbelievable, but reviews online from jazz drummers are really raving about what this drum set can do. This sound quality can be attributed to its materials and its overall built. The bass drum has very smooth 30-degree bearing edges. The kick drum’s sound is mind-blowing. The interiors of all the drums already sanded, which is rare for this price range. This set is also very versatile; it can be played for acoustic music, too. Indeed, you can never go wrong with this drum set. You have the countless positive reviews to back up the claim.

Best 5-Piece Jazz Drum Set for Beginners

Best 5-Piece Jazz Drum Set for Beginners for Jazz Music

For the entry-level jazz drummer, the MAPEX Voyager VR5044TYBZZ 5-Piece Drum Set delivers that focused tones and ample projection perfect for practices and getting into the groove of jazz rhythm. All the drums’ shells are made from poplar, and the set includes two cymbals to complete the jazz need. When it comes to sound performance, they can be as decent as a beginner’s kit can be. The toms sound deep and resonant. The snare drum is loud enough and cuts through. The only downside of this set is its crash-ride cymbal that sounds more like a frying pan when you hit it rather than the sound you’d want to hear from a crash-ride jazz cymbal. This can do, though, if you are still learning.

Top-Rated Drum Set for Jazz Music

Top-Rated Drum Set for Jazz Music

The Yamaha PAC SBP2F50HA Stage 5-Piece Drum Set is another one you should set your eyes on. The shells are constructed from 100% birch that gives the drums the ability to rumble. Its six-ply structure enables the whole set to convey the accurate  vibration that provides the sound quality right for jazz and other music genres. The whole set is also built to last, no matter how many performances you have to do with it.

Best Jazz Drum Set Under $600

Best Jazz Drum Set Under $600 for Jazz Music

Tama Silverstar 4-pc Jazz Shell Kit is anything but a mediocre drum set, ideal for those who are serious at playing drums for jazz, hip-hop and intimate acoustic performance. Don’t be fooled by the bass drum looking almost smaller than other bass drums. It has so much more beef in it than most of its counterparts.

The set comes with all-birch shells, a Star-Mount system, low-mass lugs, claw hook, slidable tom holder, 14-inches by 18-inches bass drum, 8-inches by 12-inches tom tom, 14-inches by 14-inches floor tom, and 5-inches by 14-inches snare drum.