Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

The plethora of features is what makes digital pianos attractive to beginners and even intermediate musicians. Compared to their acoustic counterparts, they are sometimes cheaper and weigh less. But for the piano enthusiast who is a little tight on budget, it may come a shock to see that most digital and acoustic pianos are thousands in price. That’s not really the case. There are quality digital pianos now available at less than $500. Check out our list below to see which of these $500 digital pianos are great for your practice and performance.

Best Digital Piano with Built in Speakers

Best Digital Piano with Built in Speakers under $500

Yamaha has been one of the most trusted names in the digital piano industry. And one their best is the Yamaha P35B 88-Key Digital Piano. Now, you’re not just getting the piano itself but also a bundle of other important things. There’s the keyboard stand, a pair of stereo headphones, a sustain pedal, and an in-built speakers. Equipped with the Advanced Wave Memory, this unit produces the sound of an acoustic piano. Unique to Yamaha is the 10 sound qualities that enable it to produce some special notes. Also, as is with other digital pianos, the Yamaha P35B features MIDI outputs that allow you to connect with computers and use various music apps. Additionally, it has an automatic shutdown after a period of inactivity.

Best Console Digital Piano

Best Console Digital Piano under $500

Elegance of built is what makes the Williams Rhapsody Console Digital Piano stands out from the rest of its counterparts. It is in a state-of-the-art digital piano that produces a remarkable acoustic sound. Its rich wood finish is definitely an eye-catcher, and the piano itself would make a great display anywhere in your home. It features 12 piano and keyboard sounds, split and layer sounds, a two-track recorder that allows for recording and playing back songs, a USB/MIDI connection for computers, sustain and soft pedals, and stereo/mono line outs. With all these features and an exceptional design, this is a great choice for beginners and music students who need an affordable instrument.

Best Digital Stage Piano 2021

Best Digital Stage Piano under $500

The Casio Privia PX-150 88-Key Digital Piano has a simple and sleek look that is ideal for the minimalist musician. Weighing at only 25 pounds, you can easily carry it when you have musical gigs around town. Once you start to play with it, the first thing you’d notice is how much it sounds like the real grand piano. Casio’s own Linear Morphing System technology, combined with four different levels of stereo piano samples, has made this authentic sound possible. Moreover, it comes with 16 different beautiful tones, which can all be controlled through the control panel. This is yet another great thing about the Casio Privia PX-150: functionality.

Best Rated 88-Key Digital Piano

Best Rated 88-Key Digital Piano under $500

The Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano is a stunning piece of instrument. And with great appearance comes the expectation of great audio quality. This piano does not disappoint with its vibrant and rich sound. It almost has the sound of an authentic grand piano and the sensation of an acoustic piano. Compared with the pianos mentioned above, though, it weighs a little heavier at 35 pounds. But that is still considered lightweight enough for portability. The weight can also be compensated by the 10 clear and realistic sounds that the unit produces. This recommended for learners and seasoned digital piano players.