Best Digital Pianos for Children

Best Digital Pianos for Children

Even when you have enrolled your child for piano lessons, you would still have to buy one he can practice on when he gets home. After all, they can only spend a few hours with their piano teachers, unless you’d want to pay more. Even if your child hasn’t started taking piano lessons yet, it is still a good idea to buy one if you already have plans to enrol him in the near future. Doing so will develop a sense of familiarity in your child, which will in turn make her more acquainted with the instrument even before he takes lessons.

But at what age should is the best one to start learning? Most experts would say between 5 and 7 as children tend to have wider understanding about language and symbols. However, when you visit Youtube, you would see some kids as young as 2 years old already playing piano like a pro!

Here are our top choices of pianos ideal for kids.

Top-Rated 44-Key Mini Keyboard

Top-Rated 44-Key Mini Keyboard for Children

The Casio 44-Key SA-76 Mini Keyboard is designed with children in mind, offering them the essentials for introducing musical tunes. It has 100 tones, 50 rhythms, and 10 integrated songs that kids can begin practicing with before you even enrol them for formal piano lessons. And since it is extremely small in size (less than 4 pounds), your kids can take it anywhere they want to. The small set of keys is also helpful for children, making it possible for them to place their fingers where they need to be without having to stretch them too hard. It is so compact, it can be easily stored as well. In fact, it can even fit into a desk drawer! The piano also comes in black color with an orange under side, giving it that really nice look.

Best 88-Key Digital Piano Under $1000

Best 88-Key Digital Piano Under $1000 for Children

If your child is about 7 years old or more, maybe you’d want to introduce to him that sense of having a grand-like piano professionals use in concerts to encourage him to practice more. However, budget may be a hindrance as most digital pianos with acoustic-feel are priced more than a thousand dollars. The Suzuki CTP-88 88-Key Digital Piano is an exception, with a price less than $1000. The aesthetic appearance could tell you alone how great of a bargain this instrument is. Customers on Amazon rave about its excellent sound quality — very life-like and almost resembles that of a grand acoustic piano. It has a bluetooth compatibility technology that allows you to connect wirelessly with any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices. This features comes in handy when you want to record what your child is playing. It also has weighted keys that would let your child practice the needed strength and ability to play a grand piano.

Top-Rated Digital Piano for Kids

Top-Rated Digital Piano for Kids and Children

For those who have bigger budgets, a better alternative for the Suzuki CTP-88 is the Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240 Digital Piano. It is really a sight to behold, making it a great display in the living room. Just imagine your kid playing on it and all of you are watching him as you sit near the fireplace! Its wooden frame has beautiful cuts and built. It has a wonderful dark rosewood finish. With this aesthetic feature, you wouldn’t believe it can be easily assembled right out of the box. Moreover, its keys have that sensitivity that is comparable to that of the keys on a traditional acoustic piano. The sound it produces isn’t a disappointment at all. Audio output has that dynamic and natural sound that the company claims to be “sweet” and “cool.” Audio professionals and piano experts agree with that claim. The set includes a bench as well.

Best 61-Key Lightweight Digital Piano

Best 61-Key Lightweight Digital Piano for Children

Looking at two perspectives — being a miniature version of an acoustic piano and its portability — the 61-Key Korg Micro Piano is yet another great option for kids still learning to play the instrument. Powered by 6 AA batteries, kids can easily carry it around and play anywhere they want without having to plug it. Although it doesn’t have many features as other pianos, it has an impressive sound quality that is rare to find at its price range. After all, the sound engine is the most important of all when it comes to learning any instrument.