Best Concert Flutes on the Market

Best Concert Flutes on the Market

After months (or maybe years) of learning and practicing playing the flute, you finally get the chance to perform on stage. Can you use the same flute you did when you’re still a student? Well, moost experts would tell you this is a bad idea, and we totally agree. There are features in your tudent flute that aren’t suitable for live performances. Moreover, a student flute give you limited choice when it comes to tune and audio quality.

This is where a concert flute comes in really handy. However, choosing which to buy can be a daunting task, because there are a lot of brands and models to choose from. To help you with that, here are a few recommendations.

Best Flute for Advanced Players

Best Concert Flute on the Market for Advanced Players

If you’re an advanced player, a silver-plated flute is the best choice. This is because it has more brilliance in its sound compared to one constructed from nickel. Silver tends to be richer in tone and has better response. And you can expect all these from the Jupiter Plateau Offset G Silver-Plated Flute 511S. Surprisingly, this model is very lightweight, making it easy to hold and does not strain the hands for a long period of playing. This is why it is a recommended model for a flutist getting his/her first time stage performance. There is also no denying that it does look and feel expensive! And the official logo of Jupiter on the instrument is a nice touch.

Best Alto Flute for Performances

Best Alto Flute on the Market for Performances

Alto flute is a type of flute featured in many orchestral performances. Its low timbre adds that mellow and sweet sound in an orchestra. It sounds a 4th lower than the standard C flute and plays in the key of G, but they are the same when it comes to fingering.

One of the few recommended alto flutes is the Allora AAAF-302 Alto Flute. It has a beautiful tonal response, enabling it to deliver that warm and inviting sound professionals expect frm an alto flute that’s made of sterling/solid silver. It comes with straight and curved headjoints, giving you the flexibility you need when playing. The curved headjoint is particularly helpful for players to have better reach on the keys.

Best Concert Flute for the Money

Best Concert Flute for the Money on the Market

The Pearl 795 Elegante Coda Flute is one of the many flutes categorized as the main instruments in the flute family. A concert flute is the primary instrument not only for advanced flutists but also for beginning students. In fact, learning to play a concert flute is a very critical phase for a student before he/she can specialize in other kinds of flutes, such as the alto and the bass.

The Pearl model here is one of the most recommended ones for beginning and advanced students alike. It is handcrafted in sterling silver and has a Forza headjoint with gold lip plate. The construction, especially that of the headjoint, allows the instrument to deliver pure and sweet tone that is highly expected from a quality concert flute. The workmanship is very impressive that it is nothing short when it comes t sound performance.