Best Cellos for Advanced Beginners

Best Cellos for Advanced Beginners

Once students are ready to step up their cello lessons, it is also the right time to get a better instrument if they don’t already have the best. More often than not, instruments in the lower price range are intended for complete beginners. Once you have moved on from that phase, you may have to consider one of those on the higher price range. This little extra investment will go a long way as you advance; this is because instruments at this category have improved playability and sound quality. When stepping up, the most important aspect to consider in an instrument is its waveform modulation (or simply, modulation), that ability of the instrument to respond to the different techniques you are to further develop.

With the above information in mind, we narrow down the many choices of cellos in the market into this short list. You may want to take a look before you spend your hard-earned money.

Best Cello for the Money

Best Cello for the Money for Advanced Beginners

The Knilling School Model Cello is one of the most recommended instruments by teachers for their advanced students, and it is not hard to see why. Made from superior materials, quality components, exceptional workmanship, and polished finish, this instrument has the ease of tuning, great sound quality, structural durability, and practical playability. It has an even grain spruce top and flamed maple back with matching maple ribs, scroll, and neck. It also has a solid carved and graduated, which all results to superior tone. The plates are protected as well, thanks to the genuine inlaid purfling around its top and back. Its solid ebony nut, saddle, and fingerboard assures players that the instrument can pass the test of time. While some cellos have problematic strings, the School Model has none at all because it has the quality American-made D’Addario Prelude steelcore strings. As a matter of fact, this model has met (and even exceeded some) the specifications established by the Music Educators National Conference.

Included in the set is a padded nylon oxford cover, brazilwood bow with ebony frog and genuine horsehair, accessory compartments, bow holder, and rosin.

Best 4/4 Size Cello

Best 4/4 Size Cello for Advanced Beginners

The Palatino VC-450 Allegro 4/4 Cello is another favorite for advanced beginners. It has solid wood construction, ebony fittings, and a gorgeous tone once it is tuned properly. It has solid spruce top and maple back, sides, and neck, all exquisitely hand-carved with surfaces graduated to precise measurements. Because the neck is hand-carved, the instrument is very comfortable to the feel. It also features a real ebony fingerboard, an  ebony frog bow with Mongolian horsehair, and an inlaid purfling. The craftsmanship put into it is shown in the instrument’s graceful shape. More so, its wooden construction enables it to sound better as it ages, making it the perfect investment for the advanced beginner.

Best ½ Size Cello

Best ½ Size Cello for Advanced Beginners

For those who find the full size a little intimidating or just not the right size, you have to Palatino Dolce VC-850 ½ Size Cello to pick. It is a gorgeous instrument that is hand-crafted with  spruce top and highly flamed maple back and sides. The wood construction Is further complimented by this instrument’s stunning oil varnish finish, making it really attractive to play with. It comes complete with an octagonal brazilwood bow with ebony frog.