Best Acoustic Violins for the Money

Best Acoustic Violins for the Money

Acoustic violin is also known as the calssical violin that was developed between 18th century and 19th century. Compared to other types of violin, the classical one has higher string tension and more slender neck. And since the range and sound projection of the violin was increased, the classical has become the standard violin upon which all others are assessed.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, an acoustic violin is a great choice to get into your musical groove. Here are some of our suggestions, which have received almost perfect ratings everywhere.

Best Acoustic Violin for Professional Musicians

Best Acoustic Violin for the Money for Professional Musicians

For professional musicians, quality matters the most; that is what the Cremona SV-800 Premier Artist Violin delivers. In fact, Strings Magazine (a trusted publication when it comes to string instruments) even calls it “the walkaway champ.” The first thing you’d notice is the graduated hand-carved fiddle. You’d also know how healthy and durable a violin by gently pressing the top of the fiddle and you can feel the sturdy built. The top plate vibrates and does its job ell to produce top-quality sound. The construction is really impressive with that antique feel, as if it had been stored in the attic for hundreds of years! It is designed with the right angle, the right link, and the right comfort that any player would be happy with.

It is equipped with premium D’Addario Prelude or Thomastik Dominant strings, which are super flexible and elastic allowing the violin to give a great baritone response. In connection to its audio performance, the sound has a lot of body in it. The bass tone is full and deep. The treble is crisp and crystal clear. Overall, the tonal balance is so well delivered, giving that rich music you’d want to close your eyes into. As music experts would tell you, you’re getting way more than what you paid for with this violin from Cremona.

Best Acoustic Violin for Beginners

Best Acoustic Violin for Beginners for the Money

The Mendini 4/4 MV300 by Cecilio Acoustic Violin is Amazon’s best-seller receiving an almost 5-star rating from more than 1,500 customers (at the time of writing). This says something a lot of its quality as you would hardly find violins and even other musical instruments having been rated and reviewed on the said site. For a starter, it is crafted with the beginner violinist in mind. It provides the help one needed to learn the groundwork to becoming a full-fledged violin player. Its back and sides are made of maple and its back and sides are of hand-carved solid spruce. Included in the box are lightweight hard case, a Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, rosin, adjustable shoulder rest, two bridges, and an extra set of strings. Now getting all these extras to complete a violin set is so hard to find at the Mendini MV300’s price. For a beginner, this is already a great bargain. Added to that is the sound quality it produces. You won’t hear too many scratches when playing it. The only downside of this violin is it’s difficult to tune compared to others, so you might need a professional to do that.

Best Electric Acoustic Violin

Best Electric Acoustic Violin for the Money

Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE Acoustic/Electric Violin is yet another choice for total beginners, only a little pricier than the Mendini MV300. It is built with hand-carved solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides. It is also with volume and tone control. Included in the box are Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, Ebony pegs, chin rest and fingerboard, lightweight foam fitting hard case, adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding with soft rubber feet, violin bridge, rosin strings, an AUX cable, and tailpiece with 4 nickel plated fine tuners. Sound-quality wise, it is decent enough for starters to learn the twist and turn of playing. You can’t really go wrong with a price as cheap as the Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE. It comes with three different colors: metallic black, antique varnish, and pearl white.

Best Acoustic Violin Under $500

Best Acoustic Violin for the Money Under $500

The Silver Greek Model 5 Fiddle Acoustic Violin has a rich and deep sound, which is impressive at this price. It has an excellent sustain but a little lacking on projection. This is easily compensated by that old-timey sound it produces. The instrument is also already set up and the bridge is in place, all ready to be tuned and played. As to its appearance, you really get what you would pay for: a beautiful violin with hand-carved flamed maple neck and sides, spruce top, highly seasoned maple bridge, and seasoned rosewood trim. It is also equipped with the most trsuted brand of strings, the D’Addario Preludes. The Silver Greek Model 5 is the perfect choice for those who want to upgrade from being student/beginner but not wanting spend too much money on an instrument.