Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

While many of us believe that expensive guitars would give us the best quality, the industry has proven that this isn’t always the case. Manufacturers are optimizing their products just to get potential buyers from the mid-range market. This is why even if the guitar is in the lower price range, it doesn’t mean you get a low-quality one.

There are many factors to consider when buying a guitar, and it’s not just all about the price. But, of course, there’s no denying that some are really overpriced. With some good research, you’d surely find the right one for you. To help you with that, here are our favorite models that you can buy for not more than $500.

Best Quality Acoustic Guitar

Best Quality Acoustic Guitar Under $500

The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is a reasonably priced instrument that has everything good about an acoustic guitar. Although it does not ask for a premium price, it is absolutely made out of real premium tonewoods. Its classic dreadnaught shape features a pressure tested solid cedar top; the back and the sides are made of Canadian wild cherry; and, the integrated neck is from silver maple leaf. Its fretboard is from rosewood, and together with its bridge, they are considered a good standard for this price range.

But its true highlight lies in its sound quality. A great clean sound, bright warm tone, and the outstanding tonewoods make this beauty really loud if you play with your fingers close to the sound hole. You can use it for live performances with confidence that it will let you down, that it will sound bad, or if it will just underperform. The quality machine pegs and the overall setup guarantee that your instrument will stay in tune. Overall, it is the ultimate weapon that comes with monstrous value even at its very affordable price.

Best Rated Acoustic Guitar

Best Rated Acoustic Guitar Under $500

For the enthusiast looking for a steel string instrument, the Takamine GD93-NAT Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar may just be the right satisfaction. It is one that can impress even experienced and professional guitar players. And the best news is that it is available in an irresistible price. Like most ocntemporary guitars, the GD93 is built with a solid spruce body top and rosewood back and sides. This is a combination that is proven to work great and that offers a memorable sound quality. Moreover, this model has a mahogany neck with a slim profile and a 12” rosewood fretboard attached to it, giving it that great look.

The GD93-Nat is good in any music styles you’re going to play on it. Its sound is rich and full. In fact, with the appropriate guitar strings you can make it match even $1000 guitars that are considered to be unbeatable in their price range. You can squeeze out some killer tones even if you are into blues or gospel. The volume is more than impressing and you will be able to shine with it even in a noisy environment. Indeed, this one’s built for players who are on a budget but still wants quality.

Best Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar

Best Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar Under $500

La Patrie is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to guitars, and one of their most sought-after model is the La Patrie Guitar Motif. It features a solid cedar top, Honduras mahogany back and sides, and a mahogany neck with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. You combine all of this with  genuine lacquer finish, beautiful headstock that is crafted with style and quality gold tuners and you get a state-of-the-art guitar. This ensures that the quality of the sound gets better over time, just like your skills.

The quality of the sound, the ease of use, and the tone that it produces is what makes this model a great choice. It is a great classical guitar that takes the sound of everything classical you have in mind. The sound is rich and vibrant. Its value is really outstanding, and even if the acoustic market is oversaturated with a lot of options for every taste, only few will be able to challenge this La Patrie masterpiece.

Best Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Best Electric-Acoustic Guitar Under $500

Fender’s Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar perfectly exhibits how advanced guitars have gotten through today’s latest technologies. It features the classic Strat design, making it perfect for those who seek for a familiar electric guitar setup with a firm touch of acoustics, offering the best of both worlds while allowing for crazy experimentation possibilities. Its body’s wood mixture is comprised of a laminated spruce top, while the back and sides are made of one-piece textured fiberglass. The body is bound by a quartersawn X-style bracing.

Another highlight of this model is in its electronics. It has a USB port attached, giving you an option to connect it to any popular high-tech gadget for easy recording and other things. It also has the Fishman Isys III system which includes an active on-board preamp and tuner. The Fishman preamp features several control knobs, allowing for vast modifications to your sound: bass, treble, middle and volume. Its sound output, on one hand, is thin as you would expect from a guitar of this type. However, combined with its on-board controls and you have a whole new assortment of sounds at your disposal. So, if you’re looking for a great electric guitar at an affordable price, look no further.