Best Trombones for Beginners

Mike_Colour_TromboneIf you’re a beginner in playing the trompbone you may be a little confuse of where to begin. Of course, logically, you have to have an instrument to even begin learning. This is where the hard part comes: choosing which one to buy. The general rule of thumb is to go for one of the affordable range of models. This is the most practical way as you are still getting acquainted with the music. You would definitely want a trombone that is easy to play with. It must also be durable enough to last you for years or for at least you have gotten a good grasp of the instrument. Why you’d want it affordable is the possibility that you may change your mind about playing in the middle of your learning. It would just be a waste of money if you’d bought an expensive model that you won’t be using anymore.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are some of the highly recommended trombones for beginners.

Best Trombone for Beginners

The Le’Var TBOLV100 Student Trombone is tuned in Bb scale to suit the beginning student and help him get familiarized with the instrument. The body, bell, and leadpipe materials are made of brass that allows the whole instrument to produce rich, crisp and loud sound, which can be encouraging to a student to continue learning. It also comes with a sturdy hard case that keeps the instrument free from dents and other damaging factors. Included in the box are a polishing cloth, a silver-plated mouthpiece, a cleaning rod, and a slide cream.

Best Plastic Trombone for Students

The mistake most beginners commit when buying trombones is trying to get away from a plastic model. There’s a misconception that plastic trombones are mere “toys” that cannot be taken seriously. Yes, this is a misconception. Plastic trombones, in fact, can deliver the decent sound quality that all beginners need to be encouraged and get acquainted with the sound a trombone makes.

One of the top-rated plastic trombones is the pBone PBONE2R Jiggs Mini Plastic Trombone. This is a durable piece of instrument that can take all the pounding a beginner trombone player has to do if he wants to advance from his practice. It is also great for kids as it weighs half that of a brass alto trombone. It comes with a gig bag for portability and protection.

Best Bundle Trombone for Beginners

If you want a complete set, look no further. The Etude ETB 100 Beginner Student Trombone is the perfect fit. It’s a little more expensive than the trombones mentioned above, but the added dollars will be worth it. It has a hard case, a music sheet stand, and other essential pieces that you would definitely need as you practice. What we love the most, though, is the book that comes with the bundle. If you haven’t decided yet whether to attend a music school or not, you can definitely start off with this book.

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