Best High-End Drum Sets

stock-footage-drummer-playing-drums-backThere’s nothing more fulfilling for a drummer than to own one of the best high-end drum sets in the world. They are not just something to boast about with friends or whoever, but they also increase a player’s confidence when performing onstage. Unfortunately, not all drum sets with high price tags can be considered high-quality. There are those who can fool buyers who are not careful enough to have know.

To help you decide, we narrow down the best few in the list below.

Top-Rate High-End Electronic Drum Set

The ROLAND TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set is Roland’s newly released kit that has been making a lot of postivie waves among drummers all over the world, and it’s not surprising at all because of the topnotched tone quality it delviers. There are two variations in this series. One is the TD-25K that has a kick pad, snare pad, hi-hats, three tom pads, ride, and crash. The other one, which we’re featuring here, is the TD25KV that has a second crash cymbal and larget and better tom pads.

With this electronic drum set model, anyone can definitely say that Roland has been very careful in selecting selected sounds and features that go with it. More so, they don’t stop there. The’ve promised their drummers that they will issue regular software updates to ensure that the set is performing at its optimum ability.

Best 5-Piece High-End Drum Set

Tama Imperialstar is yet another big name in the drum industry, and one of their best high-end drum sets is the Tama Imperialstar IP58C 5-Piece Drum Set. This set delivers outstanding tonal quality that can only be expected from a set of this price. The modern sizes give these drums a wider tuning range and tonal color that is incredibly flexible to the music genre you want to play.

The ply construction is of quality as well. Made of 100% Poplar drum shells, the whole kit delivers full, warm tone with just the right amount of boldness. These drums also have precision cut bearing edges, allowing them to resonate fully while providing a wide tuning range and incredible response. Ask any advanced drummer if this is a good kit, they’d tell you it is far better than expected.

Top-Rated High-End Drum Set for the Money

Drum Workshop, Inc. provides drummers with yet another sonic option, while at the same time utilizing renewable resources with its Eco-X Drum Shell Pack with 22-Inch Bass Drum, Natural Bamboo. They are big, full sounding drums with a huge fundamental, and they have the full, warm, and resonant quality a drummer could ever ask for. And it doesn’t really hurt that when you’re done with this set, you can throw it out without damaging the planet as it is of enviromental-friendly construction.

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