Best Clarinet for Intermediate Players

bigstock_Clarinet_Player_2418859Once you move on from beginner level to intermediate, your clarinet must be upgraded as well. For intermediate players, the most recommended clarinet is that one made out of wood. This is because wooden clarinets have more tonal characteristic that is suitable for an advancing player. They are also of higher quality in terms of durability and overall tone. However, there are also plastic clarinets that can be at par with wooden ones.

With the wide array of clarinets available in the market, though, it can be overwhelming to pick one. We narrow down your search with the list below.

Top-Rated Plastic Clarinet for Advanced Players

The Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Orchestra Clarinet is a Bb soprano clarinet, the standard type of clarinet used for orchestras, marching, bands, jazz bands, and the like. It features Prestini pads made in the USA and nickel-silver keys. This unit is made of ebonite. Included in the package are a cork grease, clarinet swab, protective plush-lined case, and mouthpiece with reed protector.

This clarinet is easy to play, which makes it suitable to both total beginners and intermediate students. It has exceptionoally good, bright tone. In fact, it plays fine right out of the box, which is a rare feat for most instruments since you would have to do some tuning before you get to play it with the right tone. As customers would say about the Hisonic Signature 2610, quality doesn’t have to cost a bundle.

Top-Rated Wooden Clarinet for Intermediate Players

One of the most popular names in the clarinet industry is the Buffet, and one of its post famous models is the Buffet E-11 Bb Clarinet. It features silver plated keys, superior quality double fish skin pads, mouthpiece kit, and Vandoren reed. It is made from unstained African blackwood. This is the go-to clarinet for beginners who want a wood instrument or for the intermediate players who can now move on from beginner plastic clarinet to the advanced wooden clarinet. Because of its wood body, you’d expect it to produce exceptional, warmer tone. The clarity of the sound is incomparable to other high-end clarinets. Its resonance on the lower pitches provides a comfortable playing style for the intermediate level. Overall, this is the perfect instrument from its price range.

Best Wood Bb Clarinet in the Market

Another great clarinet for intermediate players is the Leblanc LB210 Bliss Bb Clarinet with Grenadilla Wood Body . It is designed by the collaborative effort between innovator Morrie Backun and clarinet virtuoso Julian Bliss. Morrie Backun is known across the globe as one of the premier experts on clarinet acoustical design and customization. Julian Bliss, on the other hand, is one of the world’s few finest solo clarinetists. He excels as a concerto soloist, chamber musician, jazz artist, and masterclass leader. He began playing the instrument at the tender age of four.

With this duo, the LeBlanc LB210 Bliss is a sought-after instrument. It features a bore that requires less air pressure but allows for incredible versatility, control, and playability. The model LB210 is a full grenadilla instrument with Backun-designed ringless barrel and bell. Protected by a mid-sized backpack style case, this instrument is the perfect step-up for all clarinetists. It also features a unique optional black-nickel keys and pads. They give the clarinet a refined look and are tarnish resistant which will keep the clarinet looking great.

Top-Rated High-End Intermediate Clarinet

Another perfect clarinet choice for advanced players is the Yamaha YCL-450 Series Intermediate Clarinet. This model incorporates some of the most distinctive qualities of Yamaha’s professional and custom clarinets but at a price that is affordable for advancing students. Because it is made from select grenadilla wood, it has the ability to produce warm, bright, and rich sound. The key work on this step-up clarinet is very solid and comes in nickel plating. There’s also a model with the silver plating.

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