Best Accordions for Advanced Beginners

hqdefaultHigh-quality accordions aren’t just available in the higher price range; the fact is that they can be anywhere in the price spectrum, whether at a premium or affordable price. But before you buy one, you have to assess what your level in playing is. Make sure that the manufacturer has built it for advanced beginners, if you belong in this age group.

Another factor you have to consider when buying an accordion is its musicality. You want to make sure that you’ll get a good sound out of it and that it won’t be too hard to play. Finally, you have to consider durability as this will determine how long you can have it. With these in mind, here are some of our recommended accordions.

Best Accordion for the Money

The Hohner Panther Accordion is one of the best-selling accordions on the market today, and it’s not hard to see why. Its external design alone makes you want to grab it from the shelf. It has a very strong built, so you are rest assured it is going to take some abuse.

When it comes to sound production, this accordion model does not disappoint. The tone is crystal clear and there is so much detail in it. Moreover, the instrument is ultra lightweight, which makes it easy to play for hours. The fan opens easily, and the straps that come with it are padded for comfort. Overall, this is an accordion that is perfect for advanced beginners.

Best Affordable Accordion

The Trinity College AP-20 Anglo Concertina is a decently priced accordion that delivers satisfactory sound. It is one beautiful instrument that you can play with several music styles, such as Celtic and Cajun. Additionally, it is ideal for any player of any age. So, if you have a teenager who would want to try it, he can certainly use this as learning piece.

Take note, though, that this is a concertina. You may be wondering what the difference is between an accordion and a concertina. Both instruments belong to the same family. Both have bellows which the player must operate and buttons that the player must push. The main difference between a concertina and an accordion is that the concertina does not have chord buttons. Musicians create harmony on a concertina by pushing more than one button at a time. This gives you the freedom to create your own chords — a perfect feature for advanced beginners.

Best Accordion for Kid Advanced Beginners

The D’Luca Kids Piano Accordion may be marketed as an accordion ofr kids, but it is actually suitable for adults, too. It offers 8 bass chord buttons and a chromatic keyboard with 17 notes, making it the budget-priced accordion for young advanced beginners. You are not limited to one or two diatonic keys when you play songs on this model. You can play songs that have sharps, flats, and key signatures that modulate in the middle of the piece.

If you have played piano before, you would appreciate that the D’Luca features a piano keyboard.  Learning a new task is always easier if you can relate it to past experiences, and in the case of the D’Luca, piano players enjoy that advantage. Overall, this accordion  will give you a good sound and a great learning experience. It more closely resembles the musicality and function of a full-fledged accordion than any other budget-friendly models.

Best Rated Trombones on the Market

trombone-disabilityA trombone is a brass instrument that fill the range between a trumpet and a tuba. It has three common types, namely: straight tenor, trigger-type tenor (also referred to as F-rotor or F-attachment), and bass trombones. Additionally, there are different finishes you can see on different brands and models, and the most common is the lacquer. Plated finishes are regarded as higher-quality finishes because they have less dampening effect on vibration. Most consider silver-plated horns to be flashier, but they require more maintenance because they are prone to tarnish. And though a snazzier-looking horn may not sound significantly better than another, good looks can encourage a player to devote time and practice on playing the instrument.

As with buying any kind of instrument, beginners tend to start with the small or student model. But with the trombone, there’s not much difference between the beginner models and the intermediate ones. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first trombone or an advanced player ready to upgrade, you’ll surely find one that’s suited for you from the list we have below.

Best Rated Tenor Trombone

When you’re ready to advance your trombone playing, then you have to start using an F trigger with a Bb slide. One of the most trusted model is the Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate B Flat Tenor Trombone. Besides being lightweight and having the great sound quality, it is also affordable.

It has a bore that measures 8.5 inches, allowing the instrument to produce great projection you’d usually here in an orchestra. Moreover, the bore provides enough resonance for a fuller, brighter and warmer tone. Its slide is nickel-plated, which is a good material to make any instrument durable and safe from dent. The whole package comes with Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, pro-deluxe durable hard case, a pair of white gloves, and a cleaning cloth.

Best Rated Contrabass Trombone

Contrabass trombone is typically a large trombone in F, usually having two triggers, and to an instrument in BBb having a double slide (four tubes on the slide, rather than the standard two). It has a very deep voice that will blend beautifully in an orchestra.

One of the highly rated contrabass trombones is the Miraphone MI57F because of its excellent sound in the lower register. It is in the key of F, which most trombone are. It is quite long and a little awkward to hold for the inexperienced player. It is also constructed with two valves: one is in the key of C, and other one is in the key of C-sharp. Together, they give that nice sound at major arpeggio in the first position.

Best Rated Student Trombone

The Etude ETB-100 Series Student Trombone features a .495″ bore designed for easy tone production and projection. Additionally, it has a brass outer handslide and crook plus a chrome inner handslide for enhanced durability, which is a great value for students who would need to put some abuse into the instrument.

The ETB-100 displays a great design and reflects Etude’s commitment to outstanding construction, resulting in an instrument that will give you years of musical enjoyment and give youevery chance to develop a lifelong association with the love of music. Included in the package is a case and a mouthpiece.

Best Concert Flutes on the Market

flutist-2a-iSAfter months (or maybe years) of learning and practicing playing the flute, you finally get the chance to perform on stage. Can you use the same flute you did when you’re still a student? Well, moost experts would tell you this is a bad idea, and we totally agree. There are features in your tudent flute that aren’t suitable for live performances. Moreover, a student flute give you limited choice when it comes to tune and audio quality.

This is where a concert flute comes in really handy. However, choosing which to buy can be a daunting task, because there are a lot of brands and models to choose from. To help you with that, here are a few recommendations.

Best Flute for Advanced Players

If you’re an advanced player, a silver-plated flute is the best choice. This is because it has more brilliance in its sound compared to one constructed from nickel. Silver tends to be richer in tone and has better response. And you can expect all these from the Jupiter Plateau Offset G Silver-Plated Flute 511S. Surprisingly, this model is very lightweight, making it easy to hold and does not strain the hands for a long period of playing. This is why it is a recommended model for a flutist getting his/her first time stage performance. There is also no denying that it does look and feel expensive! And the official logo of Jupiter on the instrument is a nice touch.

Best Alto Flute for Performances

Alto flute is a type of flute featured in many orchestral performances. Its low timbre adds that mellow and sweet sound in an orchestra. It sounds a 4th lower than the standard C flute and plays in the key of G, but they are the same when it comes to fingering.

One of the few recommended alto flutes is the Allora AAAF-302 Alto Flute. It has a beautiful tonal response, enabling it to deliver that warm and inviting sound professionals expect frm an alto flute that’s made of sterling/solid silver. It comes with straight and curved headjoints, giving you the flexibility you need when playing. The curved headjoint is particularly helpful for players to have better reach on the keys.

Best Concert Flute for the Money

The Pearl 795 Elegante Coda Flute is one of the many flutes categorized as the main instruments in the flute family. A concert flute is the primary instrument not only for advanced flutists but also for beginning students. In fact, learning to play a concert flute is a very critical phase for a student before he/she can specialize in other kinds of flutes, such as the alto and the bass.

The Pearl model here is one of the most recommended ones for beginning and advanced students alike. It is handcrafted in sterling silver and has a Forza headjoint with gold lip plate. The construction, especially that of the headjoint, allows the instrument to deliver pure and sweet tone that is highly expected from a quality concert flute. The workmanship is very impressive that it is nothing short when it comes t sound performance.

Best Professional Flutes for the Money

beginner-flute-playerAre you’re ready to take your flute-playing to the next level? If so, then it is time to upgrade your flute. But shopping for a professional flute can be daunting. Of course, you would want to go with a trusted brand. However, brand name mustn’t only be your qualifying factor. What you need is an instrument that won’t hold you back technically, because you want as much as versatility in it as your performance requires.

Professional flutes tend to be a lot pricier than beginner flutes. Moreover, the price tends to increase as the amount of solid silver increases. We hope that you find exatcly what you need and the one that your budget would allow with the list we have below.

Best High-End Flute for Young Professionals

Manufacturers understand that most young professional flutists would want a high-caliber flute without necessarily breaking the bank. After all, these flutists may not be earning that much money. This is exactly what Yamaha has to offer when they released the Yamaha Professional 777H Flute. From its sterling silver headjoint, body, and keys, this instrument is sure to deliver he warmth and expressive colors that only the finest silver flutes can provide. The headjoint, body and footjoint are all heat treated with Yamaha’s proprietary acoustic annealing process to provide an impressive evenness of tone and response throughout all registers.

Its sterling silver headjoint is hand-finished, assuring buyers that it has gone through rigorous test of hands. The specially designed cut of this headjoint offers incredible response and an impressive dynamic range. The 700 series where the 777H belongs to boast a 0.43mm wall thickness which, when combined with the hand-finished sterling silver headjoint, provides a remarkably warm and rich tone. Moreover, all the models from the said series come standard with Straubinger Phoenix Pads for a more precise and consistent seal. Straubinger Phoenix Pads allow you to play with a lighter touch and quicker action.

Best Standard Professional Flute

Standard professional flutes are considered the creme de la creme of flute, as  they feature the finest materials and highest craftsmanship. And that comes with a price. Solid silver is standard throughout professional flutes and most are available with a variety of precious metal upgrades.  These can include the use of a variety of types of gold and even platinum. One of our favorite standard flute is the Pearl Maesta Professional Flute. The Maesta Series is known as the “jewel in their crown” of this brand.

As with other Pearl professional flutes, this model is equipped with the company’s patented Pinless construction, which eliminates the problems of protruding needles and corrosion and binding that affect the keys. Added to this is the additional bridge mechanisms that add strength to the entire mechanism and the socket-head screws are inserted from the underside of the key work, preventing the entry of perspiration into the mechanism. Its headjoint is one to be impressed about as well. It is ery responsive, and produces a dark centered tone. A wide dynamic range is ensured throughout the entire registers. Indeed, this flute gives justice to its high price.

Best Wooden Flute for Professional Flutists

Wood is a preferred material when it comes to most musical instruments, and flutes are not an exception. A wooden flute gives richer, more solid and powerful tone compared to those made of metal. However, it requires tighter and more work on the lips for the blowing style. This is why wooden flutes aren’t usually recommended for students; they can be easily tired out with this type of flute.

Our best pick of wooden flute is the Carrotmusic Model CD301 Alto C Professional Level Dizi Bamboo Flute. The main body of the instrument is made of bamboo with thread wraps around it between holes. There’s also an engraved calligraphy near the head of the flute, a nice additional touch for how gorgeous it already is! The flute has a range of about two octaves. This instrument is tuned to the diatonic western scale with a good full sound in the lower register and a bright upper register.

Best Rated Piccolo Flute

Piccolo is the smallest type of flute, sounding an entire octave above the standard C flute. Since piccolos are much more difficult to play than the C flute, beginners are encouraged to try their hands first on the latter. Though, there are piccolos now that are designed for beginning students.

If you are an advanced student or ready to step up into the professional level, one of the best to buy is the Yamaha YPC-82 Professional Piccolo. It looks so gorgeous, and the craftmanship is obviously high-quality! It’s not doubtful at all that this instrument has been handcrafted by accomplished artisans. It has a body top-grade grenadilla wood, which gives it that stable and full sound. It also features a sterling silver headjoint. Ask any piccolo experts, and they would tell you it’s worth the price especially when you’re moving up into the musical ladder.

Best Flutes for Beginner Students

flute1Buying your first flute can be overwhelming and confusing. There are just so many names, so many brands, and so many types to choose from. And then you consider the different prices, there are just too many information to absorb. There are, of course, ways to make things a bit easier. The most obvious step is to do your research beforehand. Secondly, be careful of flutes that look too cheap. You don’t want to get one from this bunch, as they tend to be more costly in the long run than that of good-branded flutes.

Since you are still a beginner student, avoid flutes that are not designed to suit your level. A good quality beginner flute will be easy to play, light to hold, and should withstand the knocks you’re going to give it. On the other hand, professional flutes tend to be heavier, offer the fuller sound and increased projection that an advanced player needs. Without further ado, here are our most recommended flutes for beginner students.

Best Student Flute for the Money

The Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute is made from durable nickle-silver, so it can withstand the rigors of any starting player who needs a lot of practice. This is one favorite of most flute teachers because of its playability, thanks to its CY headjoint with specially designed embouchure hole. This headjoint tends to be more restrictive — which means there’s a little control as to its dynamics and expressions — without taking away the ease of playing. The restrictiveness of the instrument isn’t much of a concern to beginning students; they are more focused on being able to make the flute sound.

If you’re ready to step to the next level of playing a flute, you won’t need to throw the entire flute into the garbage. Since 70-90% of a flute’s sound quality comes from its headjoint, you would only need to upgrade this particular part to get into the next level.

Best Rated Flute for Beginners

The Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute is a silver-plated student flute that is regarded for its excellent tonal qualities. It is also built tough to take a bit of abuse of practice. And you’d be glad of its delivery; you will be able to get a lot of color out of your tone with this instrument.

For the best tonal quality out of a flute, silver is always the primary choice. But for beginner students, a silver-plated one is good enough, and since the Gemeinhardt 2SP is  triple coated silver plated finish, it can impressively deliver what is expected out of it. It also has that superior tonal quality to it over nickel-plating. Included with the flute itself are pad cups, power coined keys and other enhancements that make their instruments serious enough for students who want to advance. This particualr model is notable because of the way it balances out its capability for subtlety.

Best Open-Holed Student Flute

The Jupiter 511 Series Student Flute is an open-holed flute that boasts a silver-plated body, keys, and headjoint. Attributes include an in-line G, gizmo keys and a B foot that not only extends the lower range, but also allows the higher octaves to play more in tune, and improves the flute’s overall projection. The 511 series utilizes a ribbed construction and a high nickel content to produce excellent sound quality.

This particular model has been regarded for its durablity. It has power-forged keys that provide strength and durability. It also features hidden adjustment screws, which prevent tampering and reduce the need for repairs. Moreover, it features offset finger buttons on keys that educe the stretch required for small hands to play the standard tone hole spacing of the modern Boehm flute. This one is an expensive flute yet it has a lot of advanced features suited to both beginner and advanced students.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

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While many of us believe that expensive guitars would give us the best quality, the industry has proven that this isn’t always the case. Manufacturers are optimizing their products just to get potential buyers from the mid-range market. This is why even if the guitar is in the lower price range, it doesn’t mean you get a low-quality one.

There are many factors to consider when buying a guitar, and it’s not just all about the price. But, of course, there’s no denying that some are really overpriced. With some good research, you’d surely find the right one for you. To help you with that, here are our favorite models that you can buy for not more than $500.

Best Quality Acoustic Guitar

The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is a reasonably priced instrument that has everything good about an acoustic guitar. Although it does not ask for a premium price, it is absolutely made out of real premium tonewoods. Its classic dreadnaught shape features a pressure tested solid cedar top; the back and the sides are made of Canadian wild cherry; and, the integrated neck is from silver maple leaf. Its fretboard is from rosewood, and together with its bridge, they are considered a good standard for this price range.

But its true highlight lies in its sound quality. A great clean sound, bright warm tone, and the outstanding tonewoods make this beauty really loud if you play with your fingers close to the sound hole. You can use it for live performances with confidence that it will let you down, that it will sound bad, or if it will just underperform. The quality machine pegs and the overall setup guarantee that your instrument will stay in tune. Overall, it is the ultimate weapon that comes with monstrous value even at its very affordable price.

Best Rated Acoustic Guitar

For the enthusiast looking for a steel string instrument, the Takamine GD93-NAT Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar may just be the right satisfaction. It is one that can impress even experienced and professional guitar players. And the best news is that it is available in an irresistible price. Like most ocntemporary guitars, the GD93 is built with a solid spruce body top and rosewood back and sides. This is a combination that is proven to work great and that offers a memorable sound quality. Moreover, this model has a mahogany neck with a slim profile and a 12” rosewood fretboard attached to it, giving it that great look.

The GD93-Nat is good in any music styles you’re going to play on it. Its sound is rich and full. In fact, with the appropriate guitar strings you can make it match even $1000 guitars that are considered to be unbeatable in their price range. You can squeeze out some killer tones even if you are into blues or gospel. The volume is more than impressing and you will be able to shine with it even in a noisy environment. Indeed, this one’s built for players who are on a budget but still wants quality.

Best Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar

La Patrie is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to guitars, and one of their most sought-after model is the La Patrie Guitar Motif. It features a solid cedar top, Honduras mahogany back and sides, and a mahogany neck with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. You combine all of this with  genuine lacquer finish, beautiful headstock that is crafted with style and quality gold tuners and you get a state-of-the-art guitar. This ensures that the quality of the sound gets better over time, just like your skills.

The quality of the sound, the ease of use, and the tone that it produces is what makes this model a great choice. It is a great classical guitar that takes the sound of everything classical you have in mind. The sound is rich and vibrant. Its value is really outstanding, and even if the acoustic market is oversaturated with a lot of options for every taste, only few will be able to challenge this La Patrie masterpiece.


Best Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Fender’s Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar perfectly exhibits how advanced guitars have gotten through today’s latest technologies. It features the classic Strat design, making it perfect for those who seek for a familiar electric guitar setup with a firm touch of acoustics, offering the best of both worlds while allowing for crazy experimentation possibilities. Its body’s wood mixture is comprised of a laminated spruce top, while the back and sides are made of one-piece textured fiberglass. The body is bound by a quartersawn X-style bracing.

Another highlight of this model is in its electronics. It has a USB port attached, giving you an option to connect it to any popular high-tech gadget for easy recording and other things. It also has the Fishman Isys III system which includes an active on-board preamp and tuner. The Fishman preamp features several control knobs, allowing for vast modifications to your sound: bass, treble, middle and volume. Its sound output, on one hand, is thin as you would expect from a guitar of this type. However, combined with its on-board controls and you have a whole new assortment of sounds at your disposal. So, if you’re looking for a great electric guitar at an affordable price, look no further.

Best High-End Acoustic Guitars on the Market

PREMIUM acoustic guitarYou’ve been bitten by desire. You want an acoustic guitar now. But you don’t know which one to buy. It can really be overwhelming as there are so many options available. However, you are dead sure you’re going to get one on the higher end of the spectrum. Yet you don’t want to go for more than a thousand dollars? Can you get a premium acoustic guitar with that budget? Definitely! And we’ve rounded up a few of the best in this price range. Check them out below.

Best Full-Size Premium Acoustic Guitar

The Taylor brand has been known for quality, so you’d expect nothing less from the Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar. It is an authentic sounding tonal guitar that packs both acoustic and electric elements. It features a Grand Auditorium body shape, which means it is reall BIG! Thanks to its Venetian cutaway, though, it is manageable and way more accessible than any other full size instrument boasting an identical body type.

Its body sports a solid spruce top and a tortoise pickguard. The sides and back are made of laminated sapele, packing extra resistance to external environmental effects. This makes it sturdy and allows it to stand the test of time. You can definitely give this even to your grandchildren! The forward shifted bracing pattern flawless maintains the body’s integrity and stability. Terrific intonation and awe-worthy stability is being upheld by the ebony bridge system. Moreover, its ast dynamics are further enriched via the remarkable electronics situated underneath the body. With these components come  beautifully harmonic bright tones with an excellent high gain sustain. The optimal bass levels blend quite amazingly. Overall, the sound quality is more than what its price has asked for.


Best High-End Acoustic Guitar for Live Performance

The Martin GPCPA5K Guitar is an all-around instrument best suited for those who prefer the live stage setting. Its Grand Performance body enables a vast stage presence through its big and chunky tones. Its body is constructed from solid Sitka spruce top ensuring a vast, balanced tonal projection. The sides and back are made of exclusive, environment-friendly HPL Koa wood. The body is held together by the identical Hybrid X bracing pattern found in the brand’s flagship models. Its neck, on one hand, is made of brown Stratabond, sporting a low profile for extreme playability. The neck accommodates the black Richlite fingerboard – rigged with 20 frets and white dot inlays.

To be honest, this model is not quite your average dreadnought-y tonal guitar. And although its large body seeks volume attention, it does strive towards midrange-y tones much more. In fact, the more you go lower on the tonal scale, the more you will get a feel of the authentic Martin sound vibe.If you are willing to spend a significant sum of money on an instrument of this caliber, you won’t regret picking this up.

Best Premium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Martin’s Road Series is a line of excellent sounding hi-quality acoustic guitars, and one of our favorites in this series is the Martin DRS2 Road Series Acoustic Electric. It packs just enough punchy projection to make you want to take it wherever you are performing. Its body features a solid Sitka spruce top which strikingly resembles mahogany wood, and a black pickguard atop. The sides and back are made of solid sapele packing a gorgeous satin finish. The set-in neck features a modified low oval shape ensuring playability at its finest. Additionally, the neck is made of multilaminated Stratabond – aiding in greater endurance and stability.

This model offers a combination of gorgeous tones and balanced bass levels with a steady focus, never unleashing unnecessary loudness. The electronics provide a naturally brighter and louder projection, enhancing the tones that are perfect for live performance. Overall, this is a travel-friendly guitar that deserves nothing but praise, considering its [affordable] price.

Top-Rated Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

6468709-close-up-of-guitarist-hand-playing-acoustic-guitar_1_-9968Acoustic guitars have their own sound — one that takes you back to childhood or to the best memories you have when you are a little younger. And if you’re on the hunt for your ever acoustic guitar or a replacement to your old one, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve listed down below a few of the best acoustic guitars that are under a thousand dollars. Maybe you’re asking if a thousand dollars is enough to get a high-quality guitar. Our answer: Definitely! And the ones below are worth checking out.

Top-Rated Premium Acoustic Guitar

If you want to play on a guitar that feels like a few thousand bucks without the high price, the Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar is what you’re looking for. The Artist series is considered the cream of the Seagull product line, and this is one of the models you would really love to spend your money for. Its body features a solid high quality pressure tested cedar top along with mahogany neck, back and sides. The fretboard and the bridge are made of Indian rosewood.

When it comes to sound quality, even a professional would come to love what this guitar can deliver. The reproduction is that of sweet melody that you’d love to listen to for long. To describe it fully is beyond the power of words. To keep it short, let’s just say the sound and tone have high-quality written all over them.

Top-Rated Nylon Classic Guitar

The La Patrie Collection Acoustic Guitar features Luther-grade solid cedar top in combination with rosewood back and sides. The body comes with a high gloss custom polished finish and standard rosewood bridge. Its rosewood fretboard is placed on a mahogany neck. There is an option to purchase the model with EPM Quantum 1 electronics. However, we recommend not going with the electronics if you want to stay as classic as you can.

The tone and the volume of the Collection are noticeably better than what most classic guitars in the same price range can offer. The sound is loud, full, and rich, and the tone is warm and clear. Indeed, this is the perfect guitar for beginners and professional musicians who are on a budget and can’t afford to drop two thousand on a new classic guitar.

Top-Rated Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar

One of the most succesful dreadnought guitars on the market is the Blueridge BR-160. Its  dreadnought body comes with select, solid sitka spruce top with hand-carved braces. The back, the sides, the bridge and the fretboard are all made of Indian rosewood and the guitar comes with an awesome-looking, white body binding. It also features a bone nut and saddle and a headstock that screams out class and style. The headstock has the handsome classic design combined with the great Blueridge logo, and some additional ornaments that revolve around the nickel plate tuning pegs.

When it comes to sound, it doesn’t come last in its price range. It offers clear and bright sound, remarkable bass and warm tone. It is really a viable option if you’re hunting for a guitar with great quality output and you are on a strict budget.

Top-Rated Vintage Acoustic Guitar

Are you a vintage lover and you want to show that on your own guitar? You’d definitely appreciate the Washburn Vintage Series R320SWRK Acoustic Guitar. It features a carefully selected vintage finish giving the instrument an aged feel, as if it’s been played for a hundred years without being damaged, in order to resemble the brand’s original releases. The body is made of a solid spruce top, with an abalone rosette wrapping around the sound hole. The back and sides are made of solid rosewood.

In connection to sound quality, it puts out stunning tones with cool and funky elements, while maintaining excellent projection due to its top shelf tone wood mixture. It can get loud to a decent amount, but definitely not over the top. Its action and intonation are sublime. Really, there’s nothing to complain about this guitar at all!

Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

Make-a-Guitar-Scream-Step-15Although most would agree that musicians’ quality are going downhill, everyone would definitely agree that our musical instruments are geting better and better every year. This is definitely thanks to the advancement in technologies and electronics. And this holds true with guitars. For less than $1000, you can already get a great electric guitar of your own. The best part, with that price tag, you are guaranteed to walk out with an impressive guitar in your hands.

For this price range, we have compiled a handful of the best. You’ll never go wrong whichever you choose from the list below.

Best Electric Guitar for the Money

One of the few best recommendations of experienced guitarists when it comes to $1000 electric guitar is the Fender American Special Stratocaster. Its gorgeous body is made of solid Alder bolt-on tied to its maple satin finished neck, which hosts its maple fingerboard equipped with 22 jumbo frets with black dot position inlays. This Strat offers carefree string-bending any guitarist would appreciate. The instrument is topped off with a classic 70’s headstock featuring 6 diecast sealed chrome Fender tuners. Its bridge is equipped with a vintage-style synchronized tremolo system.

But enough with the component. What we want to know is its sound quality, which is a good news: it doesn’t disappoint. The sound reproduction of this remarkable piece of work covers sweet Country, Blues and Rock melodies. Its bridge pickups output a wide array of tones, ranging from clean, smooth and bright all the way up to emulating some punchy midrange aggression. Indeed, dissatisfaction is out of the question with this Fender guitar.

Best Rated Electric Guitar

Gibson is a brand that is known for quality. They seem to never stop improving, innovating and raising the bar of standard quality. And they prove this yet again with the Gibson Les Paul Junior. Its body is crafted with mahagony in a classic single cutaway design, covered in a gorgeous cherry red color tone and a single-ply black pickguard. The glued-in slim taper mahagony neck hosts a smooth rosewood fingerboard equipped with 22 medium frets and pearl dot inlays, wrapped up with a Zero Fret nut. Moreover, it comes with one P-90ST Dog Ear single-coil pickup close to the bridge position, backed up in clarity with hi-end Alnico slugs. Additionally on its right side, you’ll find the normal master Volume and Tone control knobs.

With this quality hardware, you’d really expect impressive sound reproduction. In fact, it offers nice bluesy tones as well as solid rock dives. This makes it unrivaled in its price range.

Best Electric Guitar for Metal Music

If you’re a metal fan, you’d definitely glorify the Schecter Hellraiser C1. For starter, it features a slim flat mahogany neck that is hosting 24 big X-jumbo frets. The mahogany body comes with quilted maple top and stylish black cherry finish and, of course, the very popular neck trough body ultra-access cutaway. The gothic cross inlays are screaming sophisticated metal!

There are a few guitars that allow you to get about any tone you can think of without the need of any additional modification, and the Hellraiser C-1 is one of them. Metal or thrash, its sustain is is so impressive. It will give you that classic bright sound of metal. Indeed, this model has a golden name without the big price.

Best Quality Electric Guitar

If you are a guitarist — beginner or not — who wants to play a little bit of everything, then the Ibanez S770PB Electric Guitar is best suited for your taste. It has that gorgeous classic design with a deep cutout, reminiscent to that of a Strat model. Its body is made of hi-quality mahagony, bolt-on attached to its “Wizard-III”-style maple neck. The fingerboard is made of rosewood and it’s equipped with 24 jumbo frets.

With its high-quality hardware and electronics, this axe definitely delivers aturally splendid sound quality, yet also capable of matching any genre of music you throw at it. It can help you improve your sound as you find the genre you’d shine the most. It can handle anything, making it a real value for money.

Best Beginner Electric Guitars on the Market

smokinjoeSo, you’re on the hunt for your first electric guitar. The first thing you would want is to get the best there is on the market. After all, buying one is a lifetime experience you will never forget. The one you’re going to choose will be there to accompany you in your musical journey. You can have all the guitars you want, buy newer and even better ones, but the first electric guitar you’re going to own will always have a special place in your heart.

No matter how memorable your first electric guitar will be, however, you don’t need to stress out too much on it. Just find the model that you can fall in love with, and you can only do this if you have enough information. So, if you have the time, you can go through this article and find out if our favorites can be on your list of choices.

Best High-End Beginner Electric Guitar

The Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar is an extraordinary instrument that is primarily designed for beginners to ease their entry into their musical journey. Such is the promise of this model. Jampacked with impressive features, it is undoubtedly the best in its price range. For starter, its string-through body is made of pine and it hosts a well-blended black ply pickguard, the body is decently lightweight ensuring optimal comfort in your continuous play sessions. It is further extended by its C-shaped, bolt-on maple neck, hosting a maple fingerboard with a radius of 9.5 inches – equipped with 22 jumbo frets and black-dot inlays. Just by this alone, you know that the components are of high-quality.

But these aren’t the real highlights of the Fender Tele Electric Guitar; it is the way its electronics are handled. The axe packs a triple pickup combination: Humbucker near the bridge, “Modern Strat” single-coil pickup in the middle and a “Modern Tele” single-coil near the neck. There’s also the mini-toggle switch for splitting up the coils on the Humbucker – allowing you to transform it into a single-coil at will, as well as the mandatory five-way pickup selection switch. Lastly, it is built with the standard set of control knobs; Volume and Tone. All of these result to high-quality tones.

Best Rated Electric Guitar for Beginners

Do you want something legendary? If so, then don’t even take your eyes off of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar. It is based on a 50-year evergreen that lasted throughout all these years. This may not come as a surprise as it was designed by the world famous guitarist Les Paul. This classic electric guitar is simple and awesome for beginners, casual musicians, and even semi-pro artists.

The rosewood fretboard attached to a mahogany neck makes it a really great sight to look at. The pickups both on the neck and on the bridge are done with alnico classic magnets, a trademark of Epiphone and proven quality throughout time. Its sustain and tone are of the highest quality, thanks to its mahogany solid body and maple top. Best of all, you need not to spend a fortune for it. It is an absolute steal — you can bet the names of many experienced guitarists on it.

Best Edgy-Style Electric Guitar

Style plus affordability is the combination most of us are looking for, and the Dean V Dave Mustaine Guitar does a marvelous job in this area. Its body is made of mahagony with a gorgeous classic black finish. The body is bolt-on extended by its maple neck, supporting the ebony fingerboard with 24 frets and classic white dot inlays. The construction of this instrument is built in a way to enable rapidly light movement and action, as well as easy accessibility to its upper frets.

Another great feature of this Dean V Dave Mustaine guitar is that its dual pickup configuration is equipped with ith two special Dean Humbuckers. The pickup switch offers three-way selection, and each of them has an individual set of Volume controls, sharing a single Tone control. If you’re a fan of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer to name a few, you’re going to love this model.

Best Classic Beginner Electric Guitar

What’s the smartest choice for a beginner who’s on a budget? It is the Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V RR Electric Guitar. It is built with  22 frets, and a double cutaway solid alder body that resembles a Strat. It also features a comfortable maple neck with a bolt-on construction and rosewood fretboard. But its greatest feature is that it comes with three pickups. Two single-coiled and a middle alnico V humbucker set no limits on the possible genres that you can play. There is a 5 position pickup switch and two master controls – one for the tone and one for the volume.

Because of its superb construction, the guitar is capable of producing very bright and clear sound. Its simplicity is yet another plus as this will help you get comfortable with it very quickly and you will improve the quality of your sound significantly.Finally, the distinctive and stylish look makes it a great guitar to look at.